I am NOT a Norse God.

Well, Karaoke was a blast last night. At least, as much of it as I can remember was pretty sweet. I managed to offend an entire table of people with my Jarvis Cocker impression, forget the bridge of “Oliver’s Army,” and rant a bit about the war in Iraq during “War Pigs.”

The biggest problem was that I started with a “Tanker” of Newcastle. What is a “Tanker?” Well, picture a pitcher of beer. Then…no, actually, that’s about it. During the night, the beers snuck up on me, and I quickly turned into an incoherent, drooling mess.

It wasn’t all bad. I’ve been told that I was pretty entertaining, and I sang a duet with the otter (“Afternoon Delight”). Still the whole thing is pretty embarassing, as I’m sure that the pictures and video that will no doubt grace the internet soon will confirm.

3 Responses to “I am NOT a Norse God.”

  1. I’d love to have heard you and the otter singing “Afternoon Delight”!

  2. quicksilverthor Says:

    I am a Norse god, ha ha. So they just snuck up on you. Those crafty beers.

  3. Live and learn, my dear. Live and learn.

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