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Oh. My God.

Posted in Music, Television on 8 December 2008 by jason

This aired on SNL this saturday. It is NSFW. That’s the only introduction it needs.

EDIT: Oops! Youtube took it down! Here’s the Hulu version. Thanks, Kari!

Look for the Justin Timberlake cameo.


Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Posted in Movies on 5 December 2008 by jason

This was sent to me, I liked it, and now I’m posting it for you. Enjoy!

(BTW…I don’t think the Star Destroyers have lasers…they have “turbolasers.”)

Conversation in the Writing Center today:

Posted in Education on 2 December 2008 by jason

(Only because I kow the student, so it was OK…)

Me (talking to another tutor): “Did you use this article…”

Student: “-Um, excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt, but–”

Me: “So it was an accident?”

Am I trying to get fired?