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A Proud Parent?

Posted in inturwebs, Language on 30 January 2009 by jason

Well, I’ve adopted a word. It’s a sweet little bundle of…um…letters. I am now the proud parent of the word “drollic.”

So, what does it mean? Well, according to the OED (or the Oxford English Dictionary, for those of you not on a three-letter basis with the book):

Drollic, a.

Of or pertaining to a droll or puppet-show.

I like puppets, so we’re a perfect match!

What was that? You’d like to adopt a word, you say? Well, then you need to go to, register (for free), and pick your word!

You can expect to see Drollic showing up in future posts here at the Most High and Holy!

Going to Cleveland (actually, to Oberlin)

Posted in Music, otter on 25 January 2009 by jason

He whom the prophets spoke of long ago has come. Or will be coming, anyway.

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised (read: jumping up and down, raving like a madman) to read HERE that the Mountain Goats (and John Vanderslice) are coming to Ohio! I quickly took action and secured a ticket for myself and for Kelly. I’m gonna see the Goats, yo!

Oh, and Jayson, you’re more than welcome to come along. I’ve been busy this week (as well as sick…my coworkers brought pestilence to the Writing Center). We’re going to the Oberlin show (obviously).

In celebration, here’s some Live Mountain Goats:
Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

And some live John Vanderslice:
Tablespoon of Codeine

America’s feeling pretty proud of herself.

Posted in Politics on 21 January 2009 by jason

According to NPR, people all over THE WORLD are rejoicing over the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It’s a momentous occasion not just for minorities of the US, but for the country as a whole as we shed old prejudices and move fully into the 21st century. Not only that, but in choosing Obama, a man who has nothing to do with the old administration, we have made a step in restoring our credibility in the world.

But hold on…let’s not get to proud of ourselves here. The United States has been around for 233 years. That means it took us 233 (or, 232 by election day), to even really consider an African-American as a viable president. Sure other African Americans have run for the office: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cynthia McKinney, and Alan Keyes come to mind. But honestly, did anyone think that these people would get anywhere?

Also, anyone who thinks that the racism of old is gone just because a black man is president is sadly mistaken. It’s like those people who say, “I’m not racist! I have black friends!”

I don’t mean to detract from how great a moment this is. I’m proud that we’ve finally elected an African American president, I’m just ashamed that it took us this long.

Good job, America, but you’ve got a long way to go…

Cold. As Balls.

Posted in Rambling on 15 January 2009 by jason

I stepped outside to go for my mile-long walk to the bus stop, thinking, “It’s not as cold as I thought it was going to be.” A few blocks later, I realized just how monumentally, catastrophically wrong I was.

According to NPR, which I was focusing on to ignore the pain of my freezing extrmities, it was 0 degrees in Canton. Zero. As I made my way to the bus stop, I would cover one eye to prevent it from freezing solid; when the other eye began to hurt, I would switch. I used my wrist to hold my scarf over my face to keep the air from getting in, and I hugged the other arm around my body to keep my coat close to me.

Once I got to work, it took another 1/2 hour to get the feeling in my toes back. Now, I lke riding the bus; I like that it gives me lots of time to read and whatnot, but I’m really wishing I had a car to drive or a tauntaun to cut open right about now.

Back to work.

Posted in Education, inturwebs, otter, Television on 14 January 2009 by jason

Well, this week, I’m back to work at the Writing Center. The first week’s always slow, which is great, but I also end up lacking motivation to do anything else.

this is not to say I’m not doing anthing at work, despite what the otter may tell you! I do “studio sessions,” which are basically group meetings with classes to discuss their writing. I like the idea of studio sessions because it gets the students to look at their writing as more than just something to get a certain grade. By having an audience, they have to determine what people want to hear about in their papers. It also gets them thinking about other people’s writing, which in turn helps them realize what good writing is. So I’ve got that going for me.

On an unrelated note, this cracks me up to no end:

Adventures in Downtown Canton!

Posted in beer, Food, Movies, otter on 11 January 2009 by jason

Yesterday, the otter and I spent the entire day in downtown Canton, a feat that would have been incredibly boring and/or dangerous ten years ago. The area has really cleaned itself up in the last decade!

We started out at Muggswigz. It’s an awesome coffee shop that we’re spending more and more time in. The coffee’s great, the atmosphere is nice when it’s not crowded, and the have free Wi-Fi. Here’s a commercial for it, featuring one of my friends, Alex Capaldi:

(I’m pretty sure I went to school with the girl in the red dress, too…)
EDIT: No, wait…she was a customer at Blockbuster. That’s where I recognize her.

From Muggswigz, we went to the Palace Theatre to see Quantum of Solace. If you’ve never been to the Palace, it’s a restored theater from the 1920’s that plays second-run and art films, as well as hosting concerts and other events (I saw Michael Feldman’s What D’Ya Know there.) Anyway, the movie was much better than I had heard, though I spent too much time looking for Gemma Arterton’s extra fingers. We hope to go back to the Palace at the end of the month to see Let the Right One In. Here are previews of Quantum of Solace and Let the Right One In:

Next, we ate at at the Little Chicago Bistro. The actual Bistro side was closed, but the sports pub side was happening, with a live DJ and lots of patrons. The kitchen makes good quesadilla, and they had Sunset Wheat ale. Yum.

The last stop of the night was, well, our first stop: Muggswigz. We fired up our laptops and closed the place!

It’s nice to see that downtown Canton actually has things to do on a Saturday night. Now, they just need an independent record store!

25 Random things…

Posted in inturwebs on 11 January 2009 by jason

On Facebook, I was asked to list 25 random things about myself. Though most of these things will be familiar to readers of The Most High and Holy, I list them here for your consumption:

1. I was diagnosed as having ADD as a child, and I strongly suspect I still do.
2. When I say things like “I plan on living forever” and “I’m going to develop a super power,” I’m only half-joking.
3. I really do get a little sad when the closing credits theme starts playing for SNL.
4. At home, I am almost constantly listening to music, as I don’t get any stations on my TV.
5. I have a record player, so I do listen to vinyl, but I don’t think it’s neccessarily better than CD.
6. I am often told I look like David Arquette, David Duchovny, and, on occasion, Richard Gere. I really don’t get the Richard Gere one, though.
7. I drink my coffee black.
8. I like beets.
9. I am a vegetarian, and have been one for about 10 years.
10. I met the late actor Pete Schrum, who you might know as the bartender who gives Arnold the shotgun in Terminator 2, at Hands Across America.
11. I was at Hands Across America.
12. When I was a child, I could see ghosts. Now, not so much.
13. I hate making random lists of information about myself.
14. I am dating a beautiful, wonderful woman.
15. I think that Don Bluth drew some very attractive women, like Anastasia, Princess Daphne, and…Mrs. Brisby. :\
16. I was joking about Mrs. Brisby.
17. I have lots of half-started short stories that I hope to finish soon (as well as one that I’m currently working on.)
18. OK, so I found a cartoon mouse attractive WHEN I WAS A KID. Tell me you haven’t done anything embarassing!
19. When I was little, doctors wanted to drill holes in my eardrums and install plastic tubes to correct some defect that does not allow my ears to “drain” properly. I did not have the surgery, and so I have trouble hearing to this day.
20. My ex-wife’s taste in music was not the reason for the divorce, but it sure didn’t help!
21. I’m afraid of small dogs. More so than large dogs.
22. I love doing karaoke. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.
23. My ears are slightly pointed, like an elf’s.
24. I only have one or two wisdom teeth (I can’t remember). However, at least two places where wisdom teeth should be have no roots for wisdom teeth to grow. I’m a mutant.
25. When I was a kid, I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike. I had road burn on my head and side, but was otherwise OK.

Christmas Goodies 2: Music Edition

Posted in Holidays, Music, otter on 2 January 2009 by jason

As you may have noticed on my previous Christmas Goodies post, CDs were conspicuously absent. I figure this is because no one knows what I already have, and a lot of the music I listen to is…well, lets just say that a lot of it never makes it to top 40 radio.

Anyway, using Christmas money and taking advantage of sales and coupons, I’ve managed to get a ton of music, and I think that I’ve spent about $25 all together. *pats back* So, here’s what I got.

Leonard Cohen-Songs of Leonard Cohen-This is the first Leonard Cohen album. I feel bad, because I love Leonard Cohen, but I only had some best ofs. When the otter and I visited her friends Lesley and Adrian, I saw Lesley’s Cohen collection, and I got in the mood to listen to some full albums. Anyway, this one’s great.

Here’s a track: So Long Marianne

Leonard Cohen-Songs of Love and Hate-This is Cohen’s third album, and it’s much darker (and less accessible) than his first one. If you can get into it, though, it’s better than the first one.

Here’s a track: Dress Rehearsal Rag

Elvis Costello and the Attractions-This Year’s Model This is Elvis Costello’s second album. Listen to it. Love it.

Here’s a track: Pump It Up

Pulp-Separations-This Pulp album was released right before Pulp became popular with the Britpop movement of the early-to-mid nineties. Lots of dance music. I like it, but I haven’t heard it enough for any tracks to stand out.

Here’s a track: My Legendary Girlfriend

Jarvis Cocker-The Jarvis Cocker Record-Jarvis Cocker again. This album is the shit, and I don’t care who says otherwise. I do think hekind of ripped Bob Dylan off with the melody for “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time,” and it doesn’t help that the main riff from the next song, “Black Magic” is a sample from the song “Crimson and Clover,” but still, I love this album.

Here’s a track: Fat Children

Balthrop, Alabama-A Very Balthrop Christmas Full disclosure: I am friends with a member of this band. That said, even if I weren’t a fan, I would get their stuff. The tracks “Christmas Misses,” “Christmas in Jail,” and “Army Guy” stand out for me.

I don’t have a track to share, but go to EndUp Records, give it a listen, then BUY IT.

New Year’s Resolutions

Posted in Holidays, Writing on 2 January 2009 by jason

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Develop a super-power. Preferably teleportation.
2) Publish a short story in a venue that I have no editorial control over. In other words, not this blog.
3) Engage in more spiritual pursuits.
4) Sing/play guitar at Open Mic Night at Muggswigz. Or somewhere else.

So, what are yours?