25 Random things…

On Facebook, I was asked to list 25 random things about myself. Though most of these things will be familiar to readers of The Most High and Holy, I list them here for your consumption:

1. I was diagnosed as having ADD as a child, and I strongly suspect I still do.
2. When I say things like “I plan on living forever” and “I’m going to develop a super power,” I’m only half-joking.
3. I really do get a little sad when the closing credits theme starts playing for SNL.
4. At home, I am almost constantly listening to music, as I don’t get any stations on my TV.
5. I have a record player, so I do listen to vinyl, but I don’t think it’s neccessarily better than CD.
6. I am often told I look like David Arquette, David Duchovny, and, on occasion, Richard Gere. I really don’t get the Richard Gere one, though.
7. I drink my coffee black.
8. I like beets.
9. I am a vegetarian, and have been one for about 10 years.
10. I met the late actor Pete Schrum, who you might know as the bartender who gives Arnold the shotgun in Terminator 2, at Hands Across America.
11. I was at Hands Across America.
12. When I was a child, I could see ghosts. Now, not so much.
13. I hate making random lists of information about myself.
14. I am dating a beautiful, wonderful woman.
15. I think that Don Bluth drew some very attractive women, like Anastasia, Princess Daphne, and…Mrs. Brisby. :\
16. I was joking about Mrs. Brisby.
17. I have lots of half-started short stories that I hope to finish soon (as well as one that I’m currently working on.)
18. OK, so I found a cartoon mouse attractive WHEN I WAS A KID. Tell me you haven’t done anything embarassing!
19. When I was little, doctors wanted to drill holes in my eardrums and install plastic tubes to correct some defect that does not allow my ears to “drain” properly. I did not have the surgery, and so I have trouble hearing to this day.
20. My ex-wife’s taste in music was not the reason for the divorce, but it sure didn’t help!
21. I’m afraid of small dogs. More so than large dogs.
22. I love doing karaoke. It’s one of my favorite hobbies.
23. My ears are slightly pointed, like an elf’s.
24. I only have one or two wisdom teeth (I can’t remember). However, at least two places where wisdom teeth should be have no roots for wisdom teeth to grow. I’m a mutant.
25. When I was a kid, I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike. I had road burn on my head and side, but was otherwise OK.


4 Responses to “25 Random things…”

  1. On #12, I had all but forgotten about the ghost, Harold, after all these years!

    On #19, I had advise from my cousin not to get the tubes in your ears because she had it done repeatedly on one of her kids with no improvement.

    On #25, you were not hit by a car while riding your bike, you hit the car while riding your bike and after the woman decided you were basically OK, she split quick!

  2. I wouldn’t have wanted the surgery, even if it did help. Anything with my eyes or ears freaks me out.

  3. quicksilverthor Says:

    So now we know the flavor of the man. Don’t forget number 14 as for number 2 think of how many skills you could develop that would be awesome and might not require radioactive exposure. Not that superpowers wouldn’t be cool. Does living forever count as a superpower? Also what happens when there’s no one left to talk to?

  4. You’ve been selected as including one of the Best Random Things on your list.
    No kidding.
    Come to bestrandomthings.com to see your selected Thing and other Best Things.

    Thingmeister Jeffrey

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