Cold. As Balls.

I stepped outside to go for my mile-long walk to the bus stop, thinking, “It’s not as cold as I thought it was going to be.” A few blocks later, I realized just how monumentally, catastrophically wrong I was.

According to NPR, which I was focusing on to ignore the pain of my freezing extrmities, it was 0 degrees in Canton. Zero. As I made my way to the bus stop, I would cover one eye to prevent it from freezing solid; when the other eye began to hurt, I would switch. I used my wrist to hold my scarf over my face to keep the air from getting in, and I hugged the other arm around my body to keep my coat close to me.

Once I got to work, it took another 1/2 hour to get the feeling in my toes back. Now, I lke riding the bus; I like that it gives me lots of time to read and whatnot, but I’m really wishing I had a car to drive or a tauntaun to cut open right about now.


4 Responses to “Cold. As Balls.”

  1. Colder than whale tits.

  2. mercury727 Says:

    In Siberia, they’re laughing at us!

  3. I was a morning paperboy for the Minneapolis Tribune when I was a kid. I’ve rarely ever experienced magic like those winter mornings. I miss being the first one outside after or during a snowfall, when my steps were the first through a familiar neighborhood.

  4. I was goin’…

    tauntaun? wtf? is that some sort of gang member he wants to take out angst on?

    Then I finally understood. taun-taun! You blessed geek. Warm rush of Star-Wars to the heart.

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