America’s feeling pretty proud of herself.

According to NPR, people all over THE WORLD are rejoicing over the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It’s a momentous occasion not just for minorities of the US, but for the country as a whole as we shed old prejudices and move fully into the 21st century. Not only that, but in choosing Obama, a man who has nothing to do with the old administration, we have made a step in restoring our credibility in the world.

But hold on…let’s not get to proud of ourselves here. The United States has been around for 233 years. That means it took us 233 (or, 232 by election day), to even really consider an African-American as a viable president. Sure other African Americans have run for the office: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cynthia McKinney, and Alan Keyes come to mind. But honestly, did anyone think that these people would get anywhere?

Also, anyone who thinks that the racism of old is gone just because a black man is president is sadly mistaken. It’s like those people who say, “I’m not racist! I have black friends!”

I don’t mean to detract from how great a moment this is. I’m proud that we’ve finally elected an African American president, I’m just ashamed that it took us this long.

Good job, America, but you’ve got a long way to go…


2 Responses to “America’s feeling pretty proud of herself.”

  1. I agree, Jason. As joyous and memorable as this occasion is, it has been a long time coming. I guess we could say “better late than never” and view this positively as a forward step in our country’s evolution. Otherwise, we just feed into the same old anger and frustration that is at the heart of so much racial tension and discord.
    We have a right to be proud now. As Obama himself suggested, we can simply pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and continue onward from here. He did, afterall, proclaim January 20 as a National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.

  2. mercury727 Says:

    ah optimism, america’s most endearing trait in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, well we can hope for the best in any case…

    heck theres no way he cant be better than he who came before, i’m not sure about all this talk that seems to suggest he will make a radically different kind of president compared to all those who came before though…

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