Going to Cleveland (actually, to Oberlin)

He whom the prophets spoke of long ago has come. Or will be coming, anyway.

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised (read: jumping up and down, raving like a madman) to read HERE that the Mountain Goats (and John Vanderslice) are coming to Ohio! I quickly took action and secured a ticket for myself and for Kelly. I’m gonna see the Goats, yo!

Oh, and Jayson, you’re more than welcome to come along. I’ve been busy this week (as well as sick…my coworkers brought pestilence to the Writing Center). We’re going to the Oberlin show (obviously).

In celebration, here’s some Live Mountain Goats:
Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

And some live John Vanderslice:
Tablespoon of Codeine


5 Responses to “Going to Cleveland (actually, to Oberlin)”

  1. Thanks for the news. You showed up on Google’s news alert so that’s cool.
    I have a music news site at Lakin Report. Let me know if you come across anything you think I should know about.

  2. Bill,

    Cool site. That Neutral Milk Hotel article you linked to was awesome.

  3. I appreciate the invite but I’ll pass. I’ve tried hard to get into that guy’s music and just can’t really. You guys have a great time. Also, if I go to Oberlin I’ll explode.

  4. GOATS!!!!!!! ON A MOUNTAIN!

  5. mercury727 Says:

    sounds good, hope you enjoy yourselves!

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