A Proud Parent?

Well, I’ve adopted a word. It’s a sweet little bundle of…um…letters. I am now the proud parent of the word “drollic.”

So, what does it mean? Well, according to the OED (or the Oxford English Dictionary, for those of you not on a three-letter basis with the book):

Drollic, a.

Of or pertaining to a droll or puppet-show.

I like puppets, so we’re a perfect match!

What was that? You’d like to adopt a word, you say? Well, then you need to go to SaveTheWords.org, register (for free), and pick your word!

You can expect to see Drollic showing up in future posts here at the Most High and Holy!


One Response to “A Proud Parent?”

  1. That’s kinda sweet.

    I adopted the word ‘nequient’.

    It means, unable.

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