In Dreams…

From the dream-journal of jaynova:

Feb 12, 2009. 5:40-7:00PM (Nap)

Kelly and I go to a bar in Cleveland to watch some local bands. When I get there, I want to change out of my work clothes, so I go into a room with wood floors and brick walls to change. After I get out of my work clothes, I get extremely tired, and my limbs feel heavy. So heavy, in fact, that I can not put my other set of clothes on. Someone walks in, and I cover myself and tell them that this room is in use. Through the walls, I hear that one of the bands is not local at all, but is Murder By Death. I try to get my clothes on faster to see them, but I stumble around in a stupor. I almost colapse in fatigue, but I manage to pull myself together and get dressed before the 3rd song.

I realize that Jayson Shenk should know about this, so I try to call him, but I realize that my phone is broken. The screen has a “broken picture tube” effect: the picture on it does not fill the screen, it wobbles, and it makes a buzzing sound. I’m pissed because Jayson would have loved to see MbD.

Fast forward to the end of the show, and I run into Adam, the lead singer, who recognizes me from the show at the Grog Shop that I saw a few months ago. Before we can talk, I wake up.


3 Responses to “In Dreams…”

  1. You need to start eating spicy foods before bed.

  2. quicksilverthor Says:

    You could at least dream of being in a band instead of meeting one. Then you would have the spotlight. If you can’t be on center stage in your dreams where else?

  3. That band is really good though…

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