Trouble Books Show-Akron Art Museum, Thursday, February 19

Last night, Kelly and I ventured to the land of milk and honey (or, rather, Akron, Ohio) to see Trouble Books play at the Akron Art Museum. I had always (well, ever since I heard their album The United Colors of Trouble Books, which I reccomend you all order) wanted to catch them live, but I always find out about their shows too late to change my plans, so I was excited to find out about this free show a week in advance!

The Akron Art Museum is a cool venue; the bands play in the lobby, which has that modern concrete-steel-and-glass thing going for it. However, the accoustics in the place are odd; Kelly and I couldn’t hear very well, so we moved about 4 steps to our left and found a spot where the sound was good.

These accoustics were especially bad for a band like trouble books; with no drummer, and with the ambient sound that they are known for, everything kind of blended together if you were standing in the wrong place. Still, it was a nice, intimate venue, and it was awesome to see them perform “Strelka,” “Transient Color Glories,” and “Personal Tornadoes,” among others.

My only complaint (besides the strange accoustics) was that I would have liked to see more of them. Trouble Books set seemed a little short, which I’m guessing was due to the other event that was being held at the Museum causing this show to start late.

The aforementioned accoustics were far friendlier to Kent band Beaten Awake, a band that I hadn’t heard of before this show, but that I’ll be friending on the MySpaces. They rocked out.

Anyway, after the show, I got to talk to newlyweds Linda and Keith Freund, who form the core of Trouble Books, and with Gabe Schray, also of Trouble Books, whose solo electronic stuff is worth a listen. The three of them were awesome; the autographed my copy of the CDr that came with their album, and they remembered the review of their album I wrote last year!

If you get a chance, get out to see these guys!


4 Responses to “Trouble Books Show-Akron Art Museum, Thursday, February 19”

  1. I agree. Great show indeed.

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  3. Hey, thanks for the review about the gig, Keith and Linda were telling me that the art museum was something pretty special. I just thought you might like to know, or actually they probably told you, theres a new EP, called Endless Pool, coming out on April 8th. Its full of lovely ambient poppy bliss as you’d expect from them and Bark & Hiss are releasing it in the US and I’m, MIE Music, doing it in the Uk. Take care. Henry

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