The Encyclopedia Genxia-Tron

From jaynova’s Gen X Encyclopedia, a new entry!


Tron-A live-action Disney movie from the early ’80s about what computer programs really do when we’re not looking (kind of like those old cartoons with the talking books or household items.) Mainly, programs play games like “Discs of Tron” and “Light-Cycles,” which look really awesome until you get de-rezzed, which means you die. Anyway, Flynn gets trapped in a very obvious Christ motif while looking for “scuzzy data” and has to endure the Game Grid(tm) while trying to overthrow the Master Computer Program(tm). Eventually, he dies for the programs’ sins, or rather, he returns to our world, which must be like Heaven for computers. He will come again, most likely in the upcoming Tr2n.


3 Responses to “The Encyclopedia Genxia-Tron”

  1. Websters would be a lot more likeable if they ever said, ‘Anyway,-‘…

  2. Who did you have to explain Tron to?

    You know what was sweet? I had the audio records of Tron. It was a little book and three 45s, I wonder where those are now?

  3. He had to explain it to me.
    And somehow, I’m still not interested.

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