My Watchmans: Has you seen them?

Well, I saw the Watchmen movie. I really wish I could be unbiased about the whole thing, but I love the comic too much. So, here is my brief review, trying to separate my movie fan and comic fan tendencies.

Movie Fan: The opening fight was awesome. Pretty brutal. It really lets the viewer know that Comedian is not someone to mess with, yet his attacker can mess him up.

Comic Fan:Attacker white male. Very strong. Can see his face. Obvious.

Movie Fan:Er, yeah. I guess. Anyway, nice opening sequence, though the music is a little obvious. Still, what a great way to dish out exposition without it feeling like exposition.

Comic Fan: Hurm. Comic did it better. Mason’s book. Playboy interviews.

Movie Fan:Yeah, but you can’t put that in the movie. Let’s fast forward…the costumes are great! Rorschach is dead on, Dr. Manhattan is amazing, Night Owl/Dan looks awesome-

Comic Fan: Dreiberg is flabby. In comic. Too young in movie. Manhattan looks ridiculous. Does not translate well to film. Night Owl costume is second-rate batman.

Rorschach good though. Hurm.

Movie Fan: The entire soundtrack is obvious. ESPECIALLY “Sound of Silence.” And “Hallelujah” goes on for-fucking-ever!”

Comic Fan: Agreed.

Movie Fan: AH! Common ground! Anyway, about the “Hallelujah” scene…it felt out of place, didn’t it?

Comic Fan: Comic version proves a point; movie version gratuitous.

Movie Fan: Why are you talking like that?

Comic Fan: Hurm.

Movie Fan: Without spoiling anything, the ending worked. I know that a lot of comic fans hated it, but with time constraints, the original ending would take to much time to set up and wouldn’t have made much sense.

Comic Fan: Book ending better. Should not have compromised. Terry Gilliam would have made 5 hour movie to keep ending. Zack Snyder weak. Possibly homosexual. Must investigate further.

Movie Fan: Hey! None of that here. We are not speculating on anyone’s sexuality based on stereotypes and hate!

Anyway, overall, the movie was alright. It lacked subtlety, but it was interesting and it managed to keep most of the book’s philosophical questions in tact. Three and a half out of five stars.

Comic Fan: Joking, of course.

Movie Fan: What’s that?

Comic Fan: Joking. Movie insult to original material. Insult to Alan Moore. No stars.

Movie Fan: Come on! You have to admit, it wasn’t that bad!

Comic Fan: Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon.

Movie Fan: Well, I liked it. I hope they make a sequel!

At this point, the Comic Fan in me throws the Movie Fan down an elevator shaft.


3 Responses to “My Watchmans: Has you seen them?”

  1. This is my friend Matt’s take on it, reposted via Twitter:

    Watchmen’s surprising overtures to greatness predictably ruined by moral certitude and tacky action.

    That is basically what I took away from the trailers and preview clips. I’m going to wait for it to show up on InDemand.

  2. I’m waiting for the DVD to hit the streets. I don’t know why it’s taking so long. Star Wars Ep 3 was out 12 hours after the premier.

  3. mercury727 Says:

    montage was good, popular consensus is rather more divided after that.

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