Encyclopedia Gen-x-ia: Max Headroom

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As you may know, I am from Generation X, while my girlfriend is from Generation Y. This means that occasionally, our cultrual references don’t match up. Hence, I will explain Max Headroom.

Max Headroom– A character, played by Matt Frewer in a couple of television shows, as well as many Coke commercials. Max Headroom was supposed to be a computer-generated personality, though he was actually a guy with plastic on his head. He stuttered, told bad puns, and was generally AWESOME.

He had some show in England where he did something with music videos. After that, he did a pilot for a british Sci-Fi Cyberpunk show. This show was remade into a series on ABC, and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to that network until Twin Peaks. The tagline for the show was 20 minutes into the Future, which means that the show sounded just as awesome as it was.

Max also did those Coke commercials, appeared in a music video, and had a talk show.

Further Materials-
Opening Credits of TV show (from Youtube)

Coke Commercial-


9 Responses to “Encyclopedia Gen-x-ia: Max Headroom”

  1. Max Headroom came up in a conversation at work a couple of weeks ago. Weird.

    Ooh, hey, there’s a blipvert on… *boom*

  2. Hehe.I just explained Blipverts to my friend Robert at work today!

  3. Matt Frewer is extremely cool. ‘Doctor, Doctor’ was an absolutely brilliant sitcom, before they all became extremely bland and stopped giving the viewers the chance to pick out the jokes themselves. Sitcoms now just insult everyone’s intelligence.

    I remember something similar to Max Headroom on ‘Square One’, a late 80’s PBS kids show about math. Wikipedia says he was named Fax Headful.

  4. By “pick out the jokes themselves,” I mean that different people would laubh at different things rather than being told what to laugh at. I’m not sure I wrote that in the clearest way.

  5. I loved “Doctor Doctor”!

    Is this the Adrian that I know?

  6. Yes, this is that Adrian. Thanks for the message about Talons’. I will certainly check them out. I’ve been listening to a lot of Azure Ray/Maria Taylor this week. Great stuff.

    I have VHS tapes somewhere with almost every “Doctor Doctor” episode on them; I’m going to have to dig those out. I hope, someday, a website goes up that streams unfairly obscured shows like this.

  7. Max was great. Poor Matt Frewer, what has he been doing?

    The last I saw he had starred in a bad Canadian X-Files wannabe entitled, Psi Factor. Avoid it all costs. Oh, and he had a bit part in the Day of the Dead remake.

  8. Hi Adrian! Yeah, if you like Trouble Books, Talons’ has a lot of the same people. I think that everyone from Talons’ has a backing part in Trouble Books, and the guys from Trouble Books are on the Talons’ album. Actuall, I think all the groups on the Mr. and Mrs. Bark and Hiss label are like that…it’s kind of like the Elephant 6 Collective in that way.

    Stevo-Actually, Matt Frewer played Moloch in Watchmen! Oh, and I saw a couple of episodes of Psi Factor, which I only watched because Frewer was on it. No matter how bad the project looks, I will watch anything with him at least once, just because of Max Headroom. I really was obsessed when I was a kid.

  9. Jay: I’m happy Matt Frewer is in Watchmen. I was a fan back in the day and always hoped he would do more than he has (but maybe he has and I don’t know.)

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