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More Akron Fun

Posted in Art, beer, otter on 26 April 2009 by jason

Kelly and I took another trip to Akron this weekend to see our friend Will Felix at the Apollonova ArtTech show at the Lockview. It was a good time, with paintings being created by the Apollonova artists (and ON the Apollonova artists!) Beer was consumed, raffle tickets were purchased, and fun was had by all.

Afterwords, we, along with a group of friends, headed to Thursday’s Lounge for some dancing. And by dancing, I mean dragging me on the floor to show off my incredible lack of any dancing ability. It didn’t help that I was sick (due to a virus that we uninsured writing tutors keep passing back-and-forth around the office).

As much fun as I had, I was sorry I missed my friend Matt Mackey coming into town, and I was glad to go to bed that night to sleep off the last of this fever.