From the Dream Journal of jaynova…

1) I am some sort of security guard in a huge office building. I wear a black suit and black sunglasses, and I have an earpiece and an uzi. Suddenly, a woman, who looks a little like Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux, but with blonde hair and a white suit, swings around on a silver rope and starts shooting at me and my fellow guards. After a breif firefight, she escapes unharmed. I am also unharmed, though some of the other guards are dead.

2) I am working as an artist in a graphic design studio, along with my friend Jayson. The place looks like someone’s basement…poorly lit, dirty. There are no computers, so we have to do everything by hand. I am tasked with redesigning a sign for a comic book store. The original sign has way too many words on it and looks cluttered. There is a picture of Mary Jane Watson (possibly by Sal Buscema) on the sign.

As I am figuring out how to fix the sign without a computer, the boss, Tom from Comics Cards and Collectables comes down and greets us.


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