Feeling the burn.

Yesterday, I went running with my friends Beth and Jenny. My goal was to get to 4 miles, which I did with surprising ease; I probably could have gone another half-mile. I think that having people I knew there made me more accountable, so I was less inclined to give up. Unfortunately, despite wearing SPF 30 sunblock, I have a sunburn on my face. It’s possible that I got the sunburn walking to the bus earlier in the day, or that it happened while I was walking from Panera to the gym, but I think that it’s that my sunblock is expired.

Another bad thing is that I’ve been walking the mile and a quarter to the bus and back in my Chucks, so my feet are killing me. The good thing about this is that when I put on my running shoes, the pain stopped. To remedy this, I got myself a new pair of shoes. New Balance. So my feet should be in comfort country any time now.

It’s not all bad. As I said, I did run 4 miles, and I’m going to try again tomorrow if it’s not raining. I also figured out how the short story I’m writing is going to end, so I feel pretty good about that.

Oh! And the otter got into grad school! She’s going to get her MBA. So everyone should congratulate her!


4 Responses to “Feeling the burn.”

  1. Pass on to Kelly,

  2. quicksilverthor Says:

    Congrats Kell Bell.

  3. Aw, thanks. That means a lot. šŸ™‚ I like the comic, Jayson.

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