A tale of two spiders

OK, so yesterday, I found a spider walking in my shower. I am afraid of spiders…terrified, actually…but I don’t usually kill anything, so I got a peice of toilet paper out and got the spider to climb onto the paper.

Now, I had seen that the spider had made a web in my bathroom, which I didn’t get rid of due to an ant problem I had (due to rotting wood and my landlord’s negligence, not a lack of hygiene on my part), so I put the spider there. Except…

It was the wrong spider. The spider from the web came out and attacked the other spider. I felt terrible, but what could I do at that point? They were already biting each other. So, I took my shower and left.

I had expected to find a spider web with one dead spider and one living, but slightly battered, spider. But that’s not how this all panned out.

Now, both spiders have migrated to the ceiling and are building new webs about a foot from each other. Occasionally, one spider goes to the other’s web, then comes back and builds his (or her) web even bigger. So, I’m part terrified of these spiders hanging above me, part fascinated by this game of “keeping up with the Joneses” they are playing, and part wondering how long it will take me to give up and sweep them out the window.


One Response to “A tale of two spiders”

  1. quicksilverthor Says:

    You must continue to look over this epic battle. No sweeping can be done while it goes on.

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