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Well…(Week wrap-up)

Posted in Education, inturwebs, Karaoke, Music on 30 August 2009 by jason

…I got my laptop fixed, but I lost access to the internet at the same time (no comments from the peanut gallery), so I haven’t been on like I wanted to be. Also, my phone’s been having problems, so I’m basically cut off from the outside world when I’m at home. It’s kind of weird, actually. So right now, the only way to get a hold of me is to come to my place and knock on my window.

Besides that, though, this week has been OK. I’ve been getting to work early to go to so I can watch old episodes of The Prisoner. I never got around to seeing that show, so I’m happy to get the chance. Good stuff, that. The first week at work has been relatively slow, bit I know it’s about to get extremely busy.

I’ve also decided that if I ever find the Weezer song “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn),” I am singing it, no matter how poorly I actually know the song. Here’s the video:

Oh, yeah…that’s happening.

Back to work, slacker!

Posted in Education on 24 August 2009 by jason

Well, another semester starts here at the college. If you don’t know, I work at my local college as a writing tutor, which means I’m technically back to work today, but the real work won’t begin until next week when the students have papers to write.

Although I don’t welcome the coming workload (our enrollment us much, much higher than we were anticipating), I do welcome the paychecks, which will be better than the ones I got all summer.

So, I’m back to work, back to blogging, and just back in general.

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Posted in Movies on 23 August 2009 by jason

Written and directed by Wes Anderson? Check.
Based on a Roald Dahl story? Check.
Featuring the voice of Jarvis Cocker? Check.

Yeah…I’m going to be in the theater for this one…

I’m back!

Posted in Uncategorized on 23 August 2009 by jason

*brushes dust off of his blog, looks around to make sure nothing’s missing…

Sorry about that! My laptop’s been wonky lately, but thanks to my brother, a new wi-fi card, and a new power cord, I’m back. Just in time for the start of the semester, too. Expect to see me around here more lately.

As you were.

Another Race…

Posted in Exercise, Food, otter, Sports on 6 August 2009 by jason

Last sunday, I ran in the Pro Footbal Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Festival 2-Mile Fun Run (say that 5 times fast!) in Stadium Park. If you’ve been following my previous races, there were no surprises this time around.

I rode my bike there early and walked down to the starting line about a half-hour before the race began. I like getting to the races early; there’s something about watching everyone physically and mentally prepare themselves for a race. At the starting line, I met up with my friend Nour, who also runs in these things.

It was funny, because I was joking with Nour that if I was in charge of the race, there would be no national anthem, no prayer, no warning. I woud come out, fire the starting pistol, and that would be it. About a minute after I said that, the pistol went off, startling everyone! After a second of confusion, the race was on!

(picture taken from

Of course, I still can’t get my MP3 Player to play my race mix (probably because my non-internet computer has an old version of Windows Media Player), so I went with The Long Blondes-Someone to Drive You Home. It’s pretty good for a racing album.

Anyway, it was not to hot, but the humidity made it hard to breathe, and most of the race is uphill. I knew that I wouldn’t beat last month’s time, but I was hoping to beat my time for this race, which I did by almost 2 minutes! I finished at 16:23.60, and I had hoped to finish in 16:30, so goal achieved!

Afterwards, I met back up with Nour, as well as the otter and her sister, who has started the race further away from the starting line. We ate the free food (which, for some reason, always includes sandwhiches with meat! Come on, people…runners are often health-nuts! Some of us don’t eat meat!) and watched the other racers finish before going home and napping.

I think, as usually, the HOF race is my last one for the year. Next year, my goal is to run in at leat one 5K race. Wish me luck!