Movember, day3; Nanowrimo, day 2

Ok, so I’ve been growing my upper lip hair for MOVEMBER, the month-long, mustache-growing evemt to raise money for Prostate Cancer awareness. Please click on the link above and donate to sponsor my ‘stache. I’d like to thank my friend Yvonne for getting the donation ball rolling!

Here is what I look like, 3 days in…


Three days of 'stache growing

It will look more ridiculous in about a week, so I need your sponsorship to convince me it’s worth it!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I’m also doing NaNoWriMo. I’m a little over 4000 words in, and so far it’s ok. Here’s a short excerpt from yesterday:

Here’s the set-up..a secret agent woman (Melissa Guice) is talking to her surperior (Commander Jacobs).

“Yes, yes, Guice. What do you know of Project Elder?”

Melissa blinked at Jacobs, taken aback. “Um…I know that it’s a myth. A story told to young recruits to send them on a snipe hunt. A test to see how much the young blood are willing to suspend their disbelief.”

Jacobs took the cigar out of his mouth slowly, in a way that Melissa could only imagine was for dramatic purposes. “What if I told you that it was real, and that the worst case scenario was unfolding this very moment?”

“Permission to speak bluntly, sir?” Melissa asked, though she didn’t have to.

“Go on.”

“Well, sir? I would tell you to get bent and to quit wasting my time so I could get out of here. I could still make my flight.

Commander Jacobs stood, the light from his desk lamp shining on his chest, leaving his face in shadow, the cherry of his cigar glowing in the darkness. “Guice, Project Elder is real. The worst case scenario is unfolding this very moment.”

Melissa stood, unsure of how she was expected to react. Finally, she spoke. “But sir, that’s ridiculous. Project elder was based on the rantings of a mad Arab. He said he saw secret codes in the stars, and in medieval grimiors, and in the family crests of certain noble families…”

“Yes, and in record albums played backwards and the map coordinates of all the Starbucks in the world. What do you know of The Black Gospel?”

Melissa was still unsure if she was being taken for a ride, but she continued anyway. “Well…sir…it’s another myth. A book….not a book, per se, but a manual for bringing about the end of the world through the summoning of certain…demons? Gods? Real Lovecraftian bullshit.”

Jacobs picked a remote control from his desk. “And what if I told you that the Black Gospel is being written? That it is the end result of the same codes investigated bu Project Elder?”

“Well, sir, that’s impossible. Even if there were some cosmic, astrological significance to the star codes Abdullah al-Kazad saw, his other ‘evidence’ would point to a conspiracy to large, so far reaching, that we would have heard word of it.”

Jacobs pushed a button on the remote. An overhead projector lowered from the ceiling and shone on the wall to the right of Melissa. She looked up at a symbol: a six-sided star inscribed in a circle formed by a snake eating its own tale. In the center of the star was an image of some sort of aquatic creature, a squid perhaps. Though she was not very superstitious, the image disturbed Melissa.

“This, Melissa, is the seal of the Esoteric Order of Q’alalth.”

“Of what?”

“Of Q’alalth.”


Jacobs sighed. “No. Q’alalth. It’s three syllables. Q’al-al-th.”

“Oh. When you say it fast, it sounds like Kalth. Like, one syllable. What the hell language is that, anyway?”

“How the hell should I know?” asked Jacobs, irritated. “Egyptian? Mesopotamian? It doesn’t matter.”

“Well, it sounds like bullshit.”

“May I continue?” Jacobs asked. Melissa nodded, and the Commander continued. “Anyway, the Esoteric Order of Kalth…er…Q’alalth…can be traced back to a cabal of ceremonial magicians in Wales back in 1587. Working with techniques gleaned from the Grimiorium Verum and the Lesser Key of Solomon, these black sorcerers reached out to another dimension, it is believed, and spoke with a race of alien ‘gods’ who promised unlimited power in return for passage to this world. Our codebreakers have worked with the Society of the Golden Shroud to decipher some of the writings of these men who spoke with the gods, and we believe that these beings spelled out the way to release them from their prison in the stars.”

“It all sounds–”

“I’m not finished! Anyway, these beings spelled out a network of people on this world, throughout time, with whom they would communicate parts of the incantation that was the key. It’s an incantation that is hundreds of years in the writing, and that must be performed when the stars are right. Which, unfortunately, is now.”


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