NaNoWriMo day 11, Movember day 11

Whew! This week has been a busy one. I was busy at work, busy cleaning my apartment, busy writing my NaNoWriMo novel, busy writing for this music blog, and busy growing a damn mustache!

I won’t talk about work here, and you don’t want to know about my apartment, but I will remind you that I’m growing a mustache for Movember, an event in which I grow a mustache and YOU DONATE MONEY TO FIGHT TESTICULAR AND PROSTATE CANCER. This is very important to me because I actually have a prostate and at least two testicles.

Here is that mustache:


No, really...that's an 11 day mustache.

I’m also writing for a music blog called …to eleven. Read it. Every word is made out of awesome.

OK, As I said, I’m also writing a story for NaNoWriMo. I’m on schedule, but parts of it are really dragging. Here’s an excerpt from somewhere in the last week:

Ben 2

“So where did you go?” Herman, the small, frail stock clerk asked Ben as they sat, waiting for the next set of orders to download into their scanner guns. “Someplace nice, I hope.”

Ben smiled. “Yeah…we went to that new place downtown. Hamilton’s”

“The place that does the fish?”

“Yeah. They do fish. They also have steak, and I think they had chicken. But they are known for their fish.” Ben swung the scanner gun by its small wrist strap.

“Cool. So tell me about her. What’s she look like?”

Ben smiled, then let his mind wander for a second. It was odd…he hadn’t had that much to drink the night before, but details of dinner were fuzzy. Not that drinking would have mattered; his metabolism was also enhanced beyond the human baseline. He felt like he had been drugged or something. He had been groggy all day, and he had a slight headache, which was unusual for him. “Well, she had Brown hair. Dark brown. And she wore glasses.”

“Those cute kind the hipster girls wear?” Herman’s enthusiasm was somewhet unsettling to Ben, but he was used to it.

“No…thy were, like, designer ones. Real classy. She’s a glassy girl. She…” He suddenly stopped in mid thought. It occurred to him that details of the conversation that he did remember were vague, as well. He had no idea where she grew up except “East.” He knew that her family life was “Pretty Normal” and that she had “a pet” growing up. It was weird, because these are the details he would usually have wanted to know about a girl, and he let her sidestep answering anything. It didn’t make any sense.

He looked at Herman. “I forget what I was going to say.”

“You were going to say that she wasn’t like the other girls you’ve dated. She was more mature.”

That was, in fact, what Ben was going to say, word for word, before he lost his train of thought. He was comforted in knowing that he had a coworker who was also a metahuman, even if Herman’s ability to “remember what you were going to say” was a pretty lame power, truth be told.

“Yeah. She was more mature. I mean, she couldn’t have been more than twenty-five, but she didn’t have that college girl vibe most of the girls I go out with have.” He suddenly realized that he had no idea how old Julie was, or if she had even been to college. He knew practically nothing about her.

“SO are you going out again?” Herman asked, pulling Ben from his thoughts.

“Yeah. I’m going to call…her…” Again, he realized there seemed to be a glaring gap in his knowledge of this woman…he had forgotten to get her number. He had no way of calling her. “I mean, I might call her. If I get around to it. She was alright.”

At this, Ben was puzzled. He knew he thought that she was more than alright. She was amazing. Gorgeous. Smart. Caring. He just wasn’t sure why he thought all this. Even her face seemed like a blur, like he was trying not to remember her, or she had somehow made him forget her. It was unsettling.

“She sounds great! If you don’t end up getting together with her, give her my number, dogg.” Ben was glad that Herman’s power stopped short of actual mind reading. Actually, neither Ben nor Herman understood the logistics of the power. It only worked when someone actually forgot what they were going to say. Herman continued. “I hope it works out for you, though. That last girl was weird.”

Ben thought back to Elaine. She had started out as a nice girl…college girl, coffee shop type with the beret and the clove cigarettes, though not as pretentious as those kind can be. And she was a HUGE comic book geek, which was kind of a plus, as such a girl is so rare.

Unfortunately, she had also been a “meta chaser,” a girl who is only interested in people with extra-human abilities. She had heard from one of Ben’s more vindictive ex girlfriends that he had his abilities. Of course, Ben hadn’t realized how obsessed Elaine was until he found her virtual shrine to him on the internet. He ended up having to call M.A.T.T. to take her away and, hopefully, to wipe her mind clean of him, though he wasn’t sure they really did that.

He often wondered what had become of Elaine, but not enough to pay her a visit.

Now, he wondered if this new girl, Julie, could possibly be like that. Perhaps she drugs Metahimans to get close to them, to befuddle them into revealing their weaknesses, to…

No. He had probably drank more than he thought he had been drinking. That had to be it


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