NaNoWriMo Day 16

I’ll keep the commentary short. Days 14 and 16 were good ones for me…I ended up with over 5000 words between the two days. Day 15 was decent, too, with about 1800 words. I hope all you other NaNo’s are sticking with it, not panicking when you have to sleep instead of writing (Yvonne!) and not wanting to erase everything you have so far (Jenny!).

Anyway, here’s an excerpt I wrote last night. My paranormal investigators are gaining access to the secret government vault where the magickal stuff is kept. Enjoy!

Note: NaNo excerpts are not proofread.

In the brightly lit lobby of the thirteenth floor of the Ruby Building, also known as the offices of the Metahuman Assault Tactics Team, a man in a lab coat stood to greet them. “Hello…Joe? Harrison? I’m Ian Woon. I’m here to take you to the Red Room.”

Joe and Harry looked at each other, shrugged, and stepped out of the car. Woon turned and walked ahead of them, guiding them.

“Um, Mr…Ian Woon?” said Harry after a moment. “I just wanted to thank you for coming though for us.”

“Nonsense! We’re grateful for all you have done for us. If there’s anything I can do to help…”

“Actually, there is.” Joe walked faster to catch up to Woon. “We are looking for anything information you have on The Black Gospel, specifically, the Ritual of the World to Come.”

Woon slowed his pace and looked at Joe. “The Ritual of the World to Come? So things have gotten that bad, then?”

“Perhaps,” Harrison answered. “We hope that we shall not have to use it, but we need it just in case.”

“Well, I know of a few references to it in our archives, but I will also check the database while we are in there. Here we are.” They arrived at a red vault door, secured with electronic locks. “Now, let me make it clear; you are not to take anything out of this room. You are not permitted to take photographs of anything in this room. You may write down anything you need. You may not touch anything unless you ask first. There is a security grid monitoring everything, so don’t think you can get away with anything. Got it?”

“Open her up!” Joe said. Harry merely nodded.

Woon put an identification card into a slot on the electronic display, punched in a password, and held his eye to a retinal scanner. All sorts of sounds issued from inside the wall as tumblers tumbled, pulleys pulled, and levers did whatever levers did. The door slowly swung open to reveal a large, darkened room.

The room appeared to be a type of museum There were shadows of objects in glass cases all around the room. As Joe and Harry peered into the darkness, fluorescent lights that lined the ceiling flickered to life.

Joe grinned, shaking with excitement. Harrison looked…slightly interested. He was a hard man to read, Joe noted.

Once inside, Woon turned to them and said, “I’m going to go to the control room for a second, see what I can dig up in the database for you. If you guys want to start looking, those cabinets over there,” he pointed to the south wall, “are where we keep the stuff on The Black Gospel. There are transcripts fro the recordings, as well as analysis of the album art. The books are in there, too, with all pertinent passages noted. Again, do not touch anything else. You are being watched.” Woon left the two men to look around.

“OK, let’s get to work,” Harry said, opening one of the cabinets. Joe, however, decided to have a look around first. He walked over to a cabinet that contained what a sign claimed were the remains of Edward Kelly, John Dee’s partner in magick and co-developer slash translator of the original Enochian Magickal system. Joe was skeptical, but impressed just the same. He turned and looked at a smaller case against a wall.

“Hey, Harrison. Did you see this?” He pointed to the blood-stained shovel that stood in the glass case. “It says that this is the Travelling Shovel of Death. Ever hear of it?”

“I’m busy, Joe. You should be, too.”

“This thing is like, a legend. It was originally, allegedly used by Daniel Shire in the early 1900s, during a labor dispute. He was accused to killing Robert Clemenjzckski, bludgeoning him with it, But the weapon, this shovel, was no where to be found. It popped up lated, in a similar case, and vanished just the same. It was once found in the hands of another man who had just bludgeoned his greenskeeper with it, back in the early 80s. Police determined that there was blood from many victims on it, dating back to the turn of the century. Then, the damn thing vanished again!”

“Fascinating. Joe, help me with this.”

“Man, look at this!” Joe wandered off to look at more artifacts, leaving Harrison alone to hunt through the files.

While he was crouched down, reading the inscription on an ancient tablet from Mesopotamia that allegedly had half of a magical incantation to add 100 years to one’s life, Joe saw Mr. Woon reenter the vault. He looked around nervously, then approached Harrison. “Mr. Harrison, I have news about the Ritual of the World to Come. Where is Mr. Milton?”

“He ran off, I think,” Joe heard Harrison said without looking up from the files.

“Oh, well I meant to tell you both, but, um…” Mr. Woon said, pulling a large dagger from his coat. Joe saw this and yelled to Harrison.

Woon shouted, “Hail Q’alalth! Ai! Ai!” as he swung the dagger down at Harrison. Harry heard Joe in time and swung around, seeing the dagger and sidestepped it. But Woon was fast and much stronger than his frame would suggest. He threw his body into Harrison, knocking him down. Joe had to act fast.

Joe ran to the Wandering Shovel of Death and kicked the case. His foot bounced off of it. “Plexiglas. Fuck me!” Joe said, kicking it again. This time, the side of the Plexiglas panel came free, and an alarm went off, howling around him. He kicked again, and the panel completely gave way. He reached in, grabbed the shovel, and holding it above his head, ran at Mr. Ian Woon.

Woon was pushing the dagger down, trying to break Harry’s grip so he could plunge the knife into the half elf’s heard. Joe ran up behind him and swung, connecting with the man’s head. The man fell off of Harrison, cringing in fear and surprise.

Joe yelled, “Harry! Get up!”

Harrison climbed to his feet as Woon regained his bearings. He ran at Joe this time, letting out an inarticulate cry.

Joe, not taken aback by the man’s sudden recovery, let the shovel come down with a mights THWACK! This time, Woon was not getting back up. His head split with the force of the blow, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head, As he crashed to the ground, blood pulled around his broken skull. Joe tossed the shovel down and looked at the damage he had done.

Harrison ran over to check Mr. Woon. He felt for a pulse, then looked at Joe and said, “He’s dead.”

“Good thing, too,” Joe said. “I’d hate to be the one to ruin the shovel’s track record.”

As the two men collected themselves, several armed guards in full M.A.T.T. tactical gear came running in the room. Laser dots decorated Joe and Harry.

“What’s going on in here? Why are the camera’s out?” one of the guards shouted.

Joe spoke up. “Gentlemen. Your organization has been infiltrated by the Esoteric Order of Q’alalth. Mr. Ian Woon, here, deceased, attempted to kill us to prevent us fro finding the Ritual of the Coming World. I killed him with that–” Joe pointed to where he thought he had dropped the shovel, but it was not there. He looked around him, and came to the conclusion that the shovel had moved on, travelling the world and preparing to kill again. “Hrm. Anyway, I killed him. He’s dead. And now, if you don’t mind, Harrison and I have a lot of research to do. Right?”

Harrison stared at him blankly, no longer sure of how to take the man.


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  1. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

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