What’s going on with me? (The good news)

As I said in the last post, some really good things happened this month. Great things. Awesome things.

First of all, I completed NaNoWriMo! If you’ve ever done NaNoWriMo, you know what a challenge it is, and if you’ve ever completed it, you know how good it feels. This year was easier than last year, and I think that was because my coworkers (Yvonne, Jenny, Jessica) were doing it too! Good job, guys, whatever your final word count was!

Secondly, my moustache (which is now gone!) earned $57 for prostate and testicular cancer research through Movember. I think the site is still up if you want to donate! This was a lot of fun, so I’ll probably do it again next year.

Another cool thing this month was the karaoke contest at Quaker Steak and Lube. I made it through round 1, was booted out at round 2, but because not enough winners showed up for round 3, I was put in as a “wild card.” I survived this round with my rendition of “War Pigs”, and so this week, I’m in round 4! Wish me luck!

The last piece of good news I have is, well…

Meet Yvonne:

We’ve been dating and talking on the phone and such, but this Sunday, we decided that what we had was “a relationship.” Then we realized that that would always put our anniversary in NaNoWriMo and Movember (plus, Nov. 29 just seems like a hard date to remember), so we’re calling today, Dec. 1st, our day. Because we’re cool like that and can just arbitrarily decide when our aniversary is.

Anyway, she’s my girlfriend, officially. I’m her boyfriend.

So, as you can see by these two posts, I had an eventful month! It was a very good month, even with the stuff from the last post trying to mess everything up!


2 Responses to “What’s going on with me? (The good news)”

  1. Stepping out of the darkness and into the public! Congrats to you both and I am sure I will be meeting the infamous Yvonne soon??!!

  2. Yay for love! Congrats on the Nanowrimo accomplishment. Oh and I’m glad to read the mustache is gone. It was a great cause but it was a little disturbing to see it manifest itself in my Google Reader!

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