The Dream Journal of jaynova

…I’m at work. However, I’m scheduled with studio sessions, which are times that go go to a classroom and work with 4-6 students at a time, so I’m not actually in the Writing Center. As I walk the hallways between classes, I keep bumping into my girlfriend, Yvonne, as she makes her way to her studio sessions. She is wearing a strange black sweater with orange mittens attached, and these mittens look like foxes. It’s like she has fox hand puppets connected to her sleeves. We don’t have time to talk because we are busy.

Later, I’m in the parking lot, heading to my car (!?!), when I see Yvonne heading to hers. I walk over to her car and hug her. Then, I wake up…


3 Responses to “The Dream Journal of jaynova”

  1. That sweater is what I want for Christmas! 😉

  2. I’ll keep a lookout for one!

  3. Happy Christmas, J

    Hope your 2010 is a great one.

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