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What to do…

Posted in Uncategorized on 28 January 2010 by jason

My upstairs neighbor beats his girlfriend.

This is a fact. They’ve both denied it to the police several times, but I’ve heard it.

Since the police won’t do anything about it, I was about 30 seconds from breaking down their door yesterday and taking care of the problem myself. By the time I was up there, though, he had stopped hitting her, and so instead of protecting her, I would have just been retaliating.

On the advice of a friend, I left a note on the door to the building that read:

To the guy upstairs who hits his girlfriend:

We can all hear you. We know you do it. We’ve called the police, but she always denies it. Just so you know, if it ever happens again, we’re coming up there. We fucking mean it.



Today, the note was gone, but the only neighbor who wouyld have seen it at that hour was my downstairs neighbor. So, my only other able-bodied neighbor would rather sit back and let it happen than get involved. This is why the crime problem is so bad in our neighborhood and in our building. No one cares enough to do anything.

So, the dilemma is: do I go up and do something about it next time? Some of my friends say I should, and some say that I’ll just get myself killed. Honestly, I figure if I try anything, the girlfriend will jump to his defense, and I will be outnumbered. Plus, I’ll end up going to jail from breaking & entering and assault. Some friends say that I can’t help her until she helps herself. I feel like if I don’t do anything, I’m just as guilty as he is.

Anyway, thoughts? Advice?