Just a reminder…

Today is the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year: Lent. It’s the time that many Christians, especially Catholics, sacrifice something to bring themselves closer to their Lord.

I am not a Christian. So why do I love Lent? Well, because, with all the good Christians giving things up, I get a visit from the Lent Fairy! So, if anyone wants to give up, say, an XBox 360 or a hi-def TV for Lent, I would be happy to “store” it at my apartment. I promise that, in 40 days, you will get your property back in the same condition you gave it to me in unless something happens to it.

One Response to “Just a reminder…”

  1. UnkleMike Says:

    Hey I Gave Up Hope For Lent!
    Same As Last Year!!!!! lol

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