From the Dream Journal of jaynova

I am the Doctor, and I am fighting the Master in an abandoned (and haunted) house. I defeat him with a sword, and as he dies, he tells me that I was a worthy opponent, and that he respected me, but his next incarnation will not, so I should leave. Teary-eyed, I collect a bunch of his belongings that he wants me to have, and I leave the house.

Before I get the stuff out to the Tardis, I encounter the ghosts of the family that owned the house. Their sadness overwhelms me, and I completely break down. The ghosts are getting angrier and angrier, but I know that they have unresolved issues and are not aware that they are dead.

I decide to talk to the ghosts to let them know they are dead. The song “Old Kentucky Bourbon” by Murder by Death plays as I approach the ghosts, and…

I am reading about this in a magazine about Doctor Who. The article is comparing MY incarnation of the Doctor with the previous ones. I’m sitting on a bench in a hospital where people are being processed. Someone is making a lot of noise, so I decide to go to the 3rd floor, where they keep the schizophrenics. I walk away, yelling to the admitting nurse, “I wasn’t bothering anyone!”

One Response to “From the Dream Journal of jaynova”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I have been reading your past entries. I will read them more closely at a later time. For now, I must get back to work. I, a mere passerby, am impressed with what you have written.

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