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Back to Work!

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Well, I’m back to work as a writing tutor for my local college. I love the first week because it’s dead, so the tutors get to catch up with each other and find out what we all did during the break. Still, I unfortunately got into the habit of going to bed late and getting up just before noon, so the shift to getting up at 6:30 AM is kind of jarring. I still go to bed late, mind you…I’m just operating on far less sleep now.

What else to say? Nothing really. Even though there have been a lot of changes at the college, and even though we’ve been cut down to twenty hours a week, the job itself remains the same.

And as much as I hate being dropped down to twenty hours, I kind of like having Fridays off. I won’t get too used to it, though.

My New(ish) Hobby

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When I was in college, let’s say around 1996-1998, I missed a lot of class. Yeah, I was one of those guys. I did well enough, but I spent most of the class time in the basement of the student center, usually playing Axis and Allies, Battletech, and whatnot. It was something I found really fun, but it got in the way of school, and my wife at the time didn’t like the games I wanted to play, so it was a short lived hobby.

Fast forward about 15 years, and I am with a new girl (whom I think I’m mentioning here for the 1st time…Hi, Adele!) who actually likes to play these games! So, I’m back in the game!

The Action cards I played in one hand of Dominion

Adele and I play board (or card) games a few nights a week, and we sometimes go to vents like BoGA Night at Underhill’s Games. Some of our favorite games are Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and Dominion, just to name a few. And yeah, it’s a geeky hobby to have, especially with websites like Board Game Geek where you can talk about games on the message boards and track all your games played.

Me and a few friends at BoGA Night, running into trouble after entering Castle Ravenloft.

Of course, we’re trying to convert our friends and family over to the dork side. I got my brother and his wife a copy of the game Tsuro for Christmas, and we try to get Adele’s brother and sister to play Ticket To Ride or Carcassonne when we visit. My brother and his wife now want to get together to try more games, and I’ve played Settlers a could of times with Adele’s brother, so we’re making progress.

So anyway, if I start rambling about these games, you know what I’m talking about.

Resolutions: #5-Listen to more ’60s and ’70s Soul and R&B

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Because everyone should.

Resolutions: #4-Get at least two stories published

Posted in Resolutions on 13 January 2011 by jason

Last year, I took a break from my own creative work to write for a website (which is gone now) and to work on that role playing game I mentioned a a few posts back. This year, I want to get a couple short stories published. This is probably easier than it sounds. I have the stories. They are done. I just need to send them out. So…wish me luck?

What I’m working on…

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I’ve got nothing I’m professionally working on in the moment, but in my spare time, I’ve started to write a sword and sorcery story. This is the rough-rough draft of what I wrote last night, though I’ve already changed a lot of stuff so that we don’t get to the action so fast, and I’ve changed the motivation of the character.

The concept of this is “Conan the Barbarian with Dinosaurs.”

The first sun, Rasia as the people of the North call it, the morning star, was lying low on the horizon, far across the vast, shapeless desert. The evening sun, Marta, hung high, beating down on the cracked, desiccated earth. Here and there, large rocks, the size of houses, dotted the landscape but promised no shade, no escape from the evening sun’s cruelty. All seemed lifeless, for what life could possibly survive under the scrutiny of the twin suns, godlike in their presence, demonic in their power? Continue reading

Resolutions: #3- Lucid Dreaming

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If you read this blog before my hiatus, you might remember that I had a few weeks where I was experimenting with lucid dreaming, or learning to recognize and control dreams. I’ve decided to try this again, so I’ve been attempting it over the last couple of weeks. So far, I’ve got nothing, but it took a while before I had any results last time, so I guess I keep plodding on.

The techniques I am using are:
1) Recording the dreams I remember.
2) Asking myself “Am I dreaming” while I’m awake so that it becomes a habit
3)Telling myself I’m going to have a lucid dream as I’m falling asleep.

I’ll try other techniques, too, but this is my starting strategy.

What I’ve been up to…

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This is old news, though I never mentioned it on this blog, but I helped write The Silvervine Core Rulebook and Cyrus Worldbook. It’s a fantasy/steampunk-themed role-playing game, and I worked on the Worldbook section. So far, it’s been a pretty successful thing, selling out of all the physical copies and doing quite well as a PDF. It’s a good game, too. I had nothing to do with any of the game-mechanic stuff, but I am currently GMing it with a group, and we all seem to be having fun. So if you like Role-playing games, or if you just collect the work of J. Robert Novak, make sure you get this!

Resolutions: #2-Develop a Super-Power

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Yeah, I know. I’ve had this one the last couple of years, and I am no closer to succeeding that I was 2 years ago. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m going to learn to teleport, and I feel like this could be the year!!!


From the Dream Journal of jaynova

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…I rob a convenience store in Argentina. I run to my car, an old, late seventies boat of a car, and speed off. My tire has gone flat, and the cops are all over the place. I glance in the mirror and see that I am bald, about 45 years old, and very overweight. The police speed past me, so I keep going, hoping to outsmart them. They block me, so I stop the car and put my hands on the wheel. When the cops come up to me, I explain that I didn’t know they were pulling me over, and I was not trying to escape…

Resolutions: #1-More Bloggery

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Well, it’s a new year, and I have a list of resolutions. Resolution number 1 on my list is more blogging, both here and on To Eleven. So if you thought this blog was dead, it wasn’t. It was merely sleeping below the sea, like Cthulhu.

So keep checking back here, and keep reading To Eleven (or start to).