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From the Dream Journal of jaynova

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…I rob a convenience store in Argentina. I run to my car, an old, late seventies boat of a car, and speed off. My tire has gone flat, and the cops are all over the place. I glance in the mirror and see that I am bald, about 45 years old, and very overweight. The police speed past me, so I keep going, hoping to outsmart them. They block me, so I stop the car and put my hands on the wheel. When the cops come up to me, I explain that I didn’t know they were pulling me over, and I was not trying to escape…

Resolutions: #1-More Bloggery

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Well, it’s a new year, and I have a list of resolutions. Resolution number 1 on my list is more blogging, both here and on To Eleven. So if you thought this blog was dead, it wasn’t. It was merely sleeping below the sea, like Cthulhu.

So keep checking back here, and keep reading To Eleven (or start to).