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What I’ve been up to…

Posted in Writing with tags on 11 January 2011 by jason

This is old news, though I never mentioned it on this blog, but I helped write The Silvervine Core Rulebook and Cyrus Worldbook. It’s a fantasy/steampunk-themed role-playing game, and I worked on the Worldbook section. So far, it’s been a pretty successful thing, selling out of all the physical copies and doing quite well as a PDF. It’s a good game, too. I had nothing to do with any of the game-mechanic stuff, but I am currently GMing it with a group, and we all seem to be having fun. So if you like Role-playing games, or if you just collect the work of J. Robert Novak, make sure you get this!

Resolutions: #2-Develop a Super-Power

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Yeah, I know. I’ve had this one the last couple of years, and I am no closer to succeeding that I was 2 years ago. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m going to learn to teleport, and I feel like this could be the year!!!