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What I’m working on…

Posted in Writing with tags , , on 12 January 2011 by jason

I’ve got nothing I’m professionally working on in the moment, but in my spare time, I’ve started to write a sword and sorcery story. This is the rough-rough draft of what I wrote last night, though I’ve already changed a lot of stuff so that we don’t get to the action so fast, and I’ve changed the motivation of the character.

The concept of this is “Conan the Barbarian with Dinosaurs.”

The first sun, Rasia as the people of the North call it, the morning star, was lying low on the horizon, far across the vast, shapeless desert. The evening sun, Marta, hung high, beating down on the cracked, desiccated earth. Here and there, large rocks, the size of houses, dotted the landscape but promised no shade, no escape from the evening sun’s cruelty. All seemed lifeless, for what life could possibly survive under the scrutiny of the twin suns, godlike in their presence, demonic in their power? Continue reading


Resolutions: #3- Lucid Dreaming

Posted in Resolutions with tags on 12 January 2011 by jason

If you read this blog before my hiatus, you might remember that I had a few weeks where I was experimenting with lucid dreaming, or learning to recognize and control dreams. I’ve decided to try this again, so I’ve been attempting it over the last couple of weeks. So far, I’ve got nothing, but it took a while before I had any results last time, so I guess I keep plodding on.

The techniques I am using are:
1) Recording the dreams I remember.
2) Asking myself “Am I dreaming” while I’m awake so that it becomes a habit
3)Telling myself I’m going to have a lucid dream as I’m falling asleep.

I’ll try other techniques, too, but this is my starting strategy.