I’ve been terrible at updating this blog, mostly because I’ve been spending my writing time with To Eleven. It’s the music blog, but even if you don’t like my kind of music, it’s entertaining enough. For instance, today, I’ve got a mock-fanfiction featuring Tegan and Sara teaming up with Kaki King and John Darnielle (of the Mountain Goats) to fight crime. Jayson said that it was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever written, so…go me?

Also, I’m terrible at self-promotion, but the Canton Film Fest is going on right now. This is of interest to you because I wrote most of the promotional stuff for it, including the program. I’ll be there tomorrow night to check out the horror movies, so if you see a guy who looks completely awesome, it’s probably me.

Poster by Jayson Shenk

One Response to “Back?”

  1. Danny Baisden Says:

    I am writing to you about a comic book that John Novak sold me in 1991 he sold a few to guys at the Timken company….he said that the teenagers that drew and wrote them were going to be famous and rich someday, how is that working for you .. are you the author and how is the other author doing J.R. Judy, and would this be a good time for me to sell my signed comic book, still in its original plastic bag. Hope this email finds you in good health please reply thank you for your time … Danny Baisden

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