About the High Pontiff, his Holiness Pope jaynova

Jaynova is a graduate of Kent State University with a B.A. in English. Besides being a self-published comic book writer, he writes book reviews for the Ohioanna Quarterly and is a writing tutor at Stark State College of Technology. His editing expertise can be found at Local Color at localcolor.wordpress.com. Now bow down and kiss his Green Lantern ring.

3 Responses to “About the High Pontiff, his Holiness Pope jaynova”

  1. i worship jaynova!

  2. bibomedia Says:


  3. Hey, is Local Color still running? I checked it out and everything was still up for summer submissions for 2007. I’d like to submit something, but I don’t know what’s going on. By the by, you are a funny man. From now one you will be referred to as the “One Who Is Like a Guy Who Likes Politics, But Really Is That Guy. You Know That Guy Who Is Like ‘I’m Into Polotics’ and Talks About Political Stuff. You Know the Kinda Guy I”m Talking About Because It’s You.”

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