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ArtTech Saturday!

Posted in and other fun, Art, beer, Music on 29 September 2009 by jason

Last Saturday, after a three month absence, Apollonova returned to the Lockview in Akron for ArtTech.

These people like art.

These people like art.

It was a blast! I was there with my normal posse of the Ballas and Jenny (an honorary Balla), as well as Eric, and Holly, who was celebrating her birthday. If you’ve never been to ArtTech, basically what happens is a DJ spins records while the Apollonova artists paint paintings, which are later raffled off. While the artists paint, you walk up to them, chat them up, and buy them drinks (See, Will? I’m looking out for ya!)

The Lockview makes some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches. This is not an opinion; it is a scientifically proven fact. I sat at the bar with the birthday girl, ate grilled cheese, and drank beer. It was a lot of fun!

Me and Miss Holly, the birthday girl.

Me and Miss Holly, the birthday girl.

After ArtTech, we went to Thursday’s Lounge, where…a lot of weirdness happened. In fact, what happened at Thursday’s should probably stay there. I can say that I was not really a participant in the weirdness; I was an observer. So there’s that.

Anyway, ArtTech was awesome; I’m looking forward to the next one! Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another 3 months!

More Akron Fun

Posted in Art, beer, otter on 26 April 2009 by jason

Kelly and I took another trip to Akron this weekend to see our friend Will Felix at the Apollonova ArtTech show at the Lockview. It was a good time, with paintings being created by the Apollonova artists (and ON the Apollonova artists!) Beer was consumed, raffle tickets were purchased, and fun was had by all.

Afterwords, we, along with a group of friends, headed to Thursday’s Lounge for some dancing. And by dancing, I mean dragging me on the floor to show off my incredible lack of any dancing ability. It didn’t help that I was sick (due to a virus that we uninsured writing tutors keep passing back-and-forth around the office).

As much fun as I had, I was sorry I missed my friend Matt Mackey coming into town, and I was glad to go to bed that night to sleep off the last of this fever.

Kimono exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art

Posted in Art, otter on 29 March 2009 by jason

Yesterday, Kelly and I went to the Canton Museum of Art to see Itchiku Kubota’s Kimono exhibit. Now, I knew that this was going to be amazing, as it seems to be the most important thing happening on Canton, with lots of Kimono-inspired art events happening all around downtown, but I was not prepared for how beautiful the show was. Even clicking on the link above to see some of the kimono in the exhibit won’t show you just how intricate each piece is.

The most amazing part of the exhibit is “Symphony of Light,” a 30-piece kimono landscape that takes the viewer from early autumn to late winter. Each of these kimono is gorgeous, but lined end-to-end, 360 degrees around the room, they make up one larger work. It was almost overwhelming.

It was a little pricey to get in (10 bucks a person), but it was worth it. If you live in the Canton area, or if the exhibit comes to your neck of the woods, don’t miss it.

In other news, the experience has inspired me to start the Haiku-a-Day project back up, starting tomorrow.

How I Spent My Vacation: North Carolina

Posted in Art, Comics, Education, Food, Music, otter, Sports on 17 December 2008 by jason

Well, the semester’s over, so the otter and I took a short vacation to celebrate! We went to North Carolina to visit with an old friend of the otter’s, Lesley, and Lesley’s boyfriend, Adrian. Here’s how it all went down:

At about 7AM on Saturday, the otter picked me up and we headed out towards NC, passing through West Virginia and Virginia. It was snowy throughout Ohio, WV, and Virginia, but one thing we noticed is that the snow looked cleaner in Virginia. It almost looked unreal, like those Christmas trees with the snow painted on them. Besides that, though, and besides driving through the mountains, everything pretty much looked like Canton, Ohio.

We pulled into Chapel Hill, NC at about 5PM. Again, it surprised me how much it looked like the Canton, Akron area; the trees were the same kiind of trees, and it was about 45 degrees, so I really felt like I was at home. Anyway, we met up with Lesley, Adrian, and their friend Alan (or is it Allen? It doesn’t matter; they called him Steve). We immediately, without even unpacking at the hotel, went to go see a Tarheels game at North Carolina University.

The game was cool. I’ve never been to a college basketball game before, and those North Carolina fans take that shit SERIOUSLY. North Carolina won, getting 100 points. One thing that confused the otter and me was that when the score got close to 100, the fans started shouting “Biscuits!” As it turns out, this is because when NC gets 100 points or more, the Bojangles’ restaurant, which is kind of like a cross between McDonalds and KFC, has a special on sausage biscuits and gravy. You gotta love the South.

Anyway, the next day, we met up with Lesley and Adrian at their apartment in Durham. I was excited about this because John Darnielle, the lead singer of and creative mastermind behind the Mountain Goats, lives in Durham. We hung out at the apartment, talking about music and pop culture for a while, then went to Chapel Hill.

Chapel Hill is nice; it kind of reminds me of Kent, Ohio, a typical college town. We started out at the Ackland Art Museum , which was great (they had some really cool modern art on the second floor). From the museum, we went to some of the local stores, like a comic book store and CD Alley, an independent music store. It was there that I tested my hypothesis that it would be easier to find Mountain Goats stuff near Durham. My hypotheisis was correct; I picked up Ghana by the Mountain Goats and Martial Arts Weekend by the Extra Glenns (a Darnielle side-project).

After the stores, we took a tour of the UNC campus, and Adrian treated us to some awesome Italian food. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was goog stuff. After all that, we went back to Lesley and Adrian’s apartment and watched Be Somebody…or Be Somebody’s Fool!, starring Mr. T! Here’s a clip!

The next day, after getting breakfast and the aforementioned Bojangles’ (which had GREAT Sweet Potato Pie!),Adrian gave us a tour of the Duke campus, which was beautiful but imposing. I think I would have gotten on better at UNC. After Adrian went to work, we hung out with Lesley at the apartment and watched the Youtubes. Then, we went to Twisted Noodles, a Thai restaurant, which was delicious (I had the Panang Curried Tofu…WIN!). After that, the otter, Lesley, and I had coffee at Franchesca’s Dessert Caffe (which, despite the bad reviews, had good coffee and good service). Then, we called it a night.

We met up with Lesley and Adrian one more time for breakfast before heading out again for good old O to the H I O. While it is good to be back, I definately miss the weather (which was almost 70 degrees on Monday), and I can’t wait until Lesley and Adrian visit Ohio!

Grey. Or is it Gray?

Posted in Art, otter, Writing on 16 March 2008 by jason

Well, I haven’t written on my blog recently. Actually, I haven’t written much of anything recently. I’m working on a script for My Very Own Adventure, but besides that, I just haven’t been in the mood to write.

It’s not that I have writer’s block, mind you. I have lots of ideas. I’ve played around with them a little, but that’s all it is. Playing.

It’s the weather. Last weekend, I was completely snowed in; my car was under 2 ft. of snow. Yesterday, the otter and I went to Akron to visit my favorite music store, amongst other things. Usually, I buy 2 or 3 CDs, but I could only get excited about 1 this time (Tallahassee by The Mountain Goats). While in Akron, a chilly breeze washed over the grey afternoon, and the otter said, “This is the quintessential Ohio day.” And she’s right.

It’s not all bad: I didn’t lose any work last week due to snow or anything (actually, I picked up an hour), and I work during Spring Break, so money isn’t really a problem right now. And in Akron, we found a nice local art gallery (The Red Light Galleries), which was very cool…I want to go back in a few weeks. And Karaoke last night (during a farewell party for one of the otter’s coworkers) was some of my best singing.

Anyway, hopefully the sun comes out soon, or at least things warm up so I can open a freaking window!

Hourly Comic Day Aftermath!

Posted in Art, Comics, inturwebs on 3 February 2008 by jason

Well, THIS is the link to my comics…they are a little hard to read because I have no scanner…I had to photograph them, then fix the contrast and lighting in Photoshop!

Anyway, over the next few days, I may go back to them and write the transcript of each one, so that they are legible.

Did you participate? Give me a link!

Hourly Comic Day!!!

Posted in Art, Comics, inturwebs on 31 January 2008 by jason

Hey all…go HERE and sign up for an account. Then, tomorrow (that’s Feb 1), draw a comic for every hour you’re awake about, well, what you did during that hour! Then, sometime the next day or so, scan them into your interweb computing machine and ZAAAPPPP! send it along the informations supermanhighways! NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A GOOD ARTIST! This is just for fun, but lots of people are doing this! It’s just like jumping off a bridge!

Kari, I expect you to participate!!!!!

Thanks MO for the head’s up!

Oh! I should tag people! Ok…

David B

Hold On…We’re Here.

Posted in Art, Writing on 24 January 2008 by jason

One good thing to come today was this: The first few minutes of the cartoon I wrote for My Very Own Adventure! (Courtesy Kari Fry)

This is a longer clip than the last one, and it has someone superimposed into it!

Writing Update

Posted in Art, Writing on 2 December 2007 by jason

Well, I never did finish that comic book scene that I was working on. I should get it done once work slows down at the college.

Meanwhile, I got another freelance job. I’m writing another cartoon for My Very Own Adventure. Nothing’s commited to paper, but I should have that done in the next couple of days.

Also, I’ve seen a rough animatic of the cartoon I already wrote. It looks great! I’ve also got some of the production are to show you, from the portugese animation studio Bang! Bang! Animation:

This is Mike (MEE-kay), Pai Meow, and Meowamoto Sensai:

Here is Mike in various poses:

And here’s a background, with Mike in the foreground:

My blog format is cutting the edges off…the first one was drawn by “Denise”, not “Den”.

Project update

Posted in Art, Movies, Writing on 19 October 2007 by jason

Well, I think I’m allowed to discus that freelance project a little more. I wrote a script for a 5-6 minute cartoon for THESE GUYS.

Today, I got to see some of the storyboards and animatics by artist (and my eventually-to-be sister-in-law) Kari Fry. They looked better than I had imagined! Afterwards, I got to do some voice-over work which, even if it doesn’t get used, was a cool experience!

So, the project seems to be going well, I’m officially a professional freelance writer as well as an amature voice-over actor, and all’s well!