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What Super Power Would You Want?

Posted in and other fun, Comics, Discuss, discussion, Meme on 17 September 2007 by jason

Hey all,

Since I posted the Iron Man stuff below, I thought I would tell you what super power I would like to have. However, an idea sprouted from the mental landscape that I had thought barren: everyone should discuss this topic! Here’s what I want to do: On Saturday, by let’s say 4PM EST, I want everyone who wants to patricipate to write a post about the super power they wish to have, and why. Then, I will link to those posts on my blog, and everyone else whould do the same (use my blog list to see who has participated). There’s a name for this kind of tomfoolery, but I’m not inturwebs savvy enough to remember it.

For extra credit, you could also tell your origin story!

Anyway, all interested parties should comment below to tell me that you are interested. Then, post this topic on your blog, to get others to do it.

(You’re not experiencing deja vu…I reposted this.)

Famous People from My Hometown

Posted in Discuss, Music, Sports, Television on 12 September 2007 by jason

According to, these people are from Canton, Ohio:

Marilyn Manson (AKA Brian Warner)
Macy Gray (AKA Natalie Renee McIntyre)
Brannon Braga (TV writer)
Mother Angelica (from EWTN)
Dan Dierdorf (Football Player)
Thurman Munson (dead baseball player with mantastic moustach)
The O’Jays (soul band)
Jack Paar (early host of the Tonight Show)
Alan Page (Football player)
Relient K (Shitty band [sorry, Matt!])
Boz Scaggs (musician)
Jeff Timmons (From the “band” 98 degrees)

There are others, of course, but these are the ones I knew about.

So…who’s from your hometown?