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Should We Talk About the Weather?

Posted in discussion, otter, Zombies! on 15 September 2008 by jason

Last Night, the apocalypse happened. The power died across the city. Winds tore the trees right from their roots. The skies flashed with the sparks from exploding transformers.

The only think that would have made it cooler would have been zombies.

Hurricane Ike migrated north and hit Ohio like…a hurricane. I was in Hartville, at a friends house, when the trees started falling. After the storm died, the otter and I made our way back home across the wastland of blackened streetlights and fallen trees. It was anarchy. Cars blew through the powerless traffic lights, and winds blue debris accross the roads.

We made it to a Giant Eagle for some things for my mother. Giant Eagle had left their doors open so that the glass wouldn’t be blown out by the wind. Inside, several display standshad been knocked over, and leaves and branches were scattered on the floor. We went straight for the medicine aisle to get something for my mother, and was almost run into by a woman, buying ice cream, who did not seem to see me. She lumbered in front of me, and when I tried to go around her, she turned and almost hit me.

Perhaps the zombie apocalypse had begun.

Anyway, I got home, and my power was out. Fortunately, it came back on about 1am. Some of my friends won’t have power for 4 or 5 days.

So…did you get hit by Ike? Comment below!

We all shine on!

Posted in discussion, Movies, otter on 31 October 2007 by jason

The otter and I just watched The Shining last night. Neither of us have read the book, so, based on the movie:

1) Does Jack Torrence “shine”? Is this why he is vulnerable to the “shining” of the Overlook? Is this why he drinks? Remember, Halloran says that some people don’t realize that they shine, and that his own grandmother did shine, implying heredity in…um…shininess.

2)What was the narrative purpose of showing Halloran sit around, make phone calls, get on a plane, and drive to the Overlook for his BRIEF scene with Jack? Was he the reason Wendy starts to see other inhabitants of the Overlook?

3)Was Lloyd an inhabitant of the Overlook, or was he Jack’s own “little boy who lives in my mouth,” like Danny’s Tony?

4) When was Jack’s point of no return? Was it when he takes the “drink” from Lloyd? Or was it on the way to the Overlook? Before then, even?

5) Was Jack a reincarnation of a previous caretaker, or did he get absorbed by the Overlook?

Come on…discuss!

Rules of Attraction

Posted in Books and Literature, discussion, Movies on 10 October 2007 by jason

I was just thinking about the movie version of Bret Easton Ellis’ The Rules of Attraction. In the 1st scene, the film makers decided to make Lauren, played by Shannyn Sossamon, the subject of the books opening narration.

Now, in the book, the reader doesn’t know who the story being told is about, and the narrator of that chapter remains anonymous, unlike in the rest of the book, where each chapter is labled by the narrators’ names.

Anyway, I was thinking: In the movie version, Lauren’s virginity seems pretty important to her. Sure, she’s a little shallow in that she’s “in love” with a guy who hardly knows her, and she quickly falls for another guy (Sean, played by James van der Beek ). However, despite this, she seems to be a thoughtful, sensitive, realatively non-judgemental sort of gal.

What’s my point? Hold on; I’m Getting there!

OK, so when she realizes that she has not, in fact, lost her virginity to the film major, she exclaims, “I lost my virginity to a towny!” I don’t know…that seems out of character for her.

Any thoughts?

Top 5: Albums

Posted in discussion, Meme, Music on 29 September 2007 by jason

Ok…It’s Saturday, so I thought I would start a new meme. Tell me what your top 5 favorite albums of all time are. You can have honorable mentions, you can have ties, I don’t care. You can name an album that’s your favorite now, but won’t be in a few days. Think of this assignment like everything the Democrats have done since taking congress: Non-binding and essentially meaningless.

I list my top 5 tomorrow…you guys list yours on your blogs and link back to me, and I’ll post a linking list when I update.

If you don’t have a blog, wait until I list mine, then list yours in the comments.

(If you haven’t noticed, I’m experimenting with the logistics of the “meme”.)

So…What do I believe?

Posted in Conspiracies, discussion, Kucinich, Politics, Television on 26 September 2007 by jason

The flipside of yesterday’s post: What exactly do I believe?

I believe in the Military Industrial Complex, and that it’s largly to blame for the war in Iraq.

That the Kennedy Assasination was executed by a conspiracy, and not a lone gunman.

The US government used drugs to try to create assassins.

That many national leaders are members of a secret society.

Obviously, I believe that the media, the corporate interests, and sections of the Democratic Party are conspiring against Dennis Kucinich, though the groups probaby aren’t working together.

That there was a vast, right-wing conspiracyto bring down Bill Clinton, but that that is also politics as usual.

That insurance companies, most of the right, and a portion of the left are conspiring to gain profit at the expense of the health, jobs, and lives of America’s poor and lower-middle class.

That there is an effort to demonize China, in prepreation of another cold war. See the “conspiracies” tag for more on this.

That the Oil and Auto industries conspired to end the Electric Car program in California.

That, as Amuirin stated in a comment on my last post, life on earth is no accident, but also that evolution is the most plausible mechanism that got us here. I also believe that, since Creationist theory can not be evidenced scientifically, it should not be taught in schools, especially as a scientific theory.

What don’t I believe?

Posted in Conspiracies, discussion on 25 September 2007 by jason

Just for fun, here is a list of conspiracy theories that I just can’t buy into:

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, especially since It’s been discredited as a forgery.

The Bavarian Illuminati.

Reptoid aliens have infiltrated human society.

That Global Warming is a deliberate lie. I mean, come on. The frickin’ permafrost is melting. It’s supposed to be, well, permanently frosted!

That the lunar landings were faked.

That Kurt Cobain was not a suicide.

That Elvis did not die in 1977.

That Satanic Ritual Abuse runs rampant in the US.

That the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.” (Though I think that the Bush administration has profited from the attacks.)

That a UFO crashed in Roswell. I suspect it was a top secret American project. I doubt that we have been visited by aliens, though I imagine there is life on other planets.

That barcodes have anything to do with the Biblical mark of the beast.

That contrails from jets are actually chemicals being dropped on people.

That flouride poisons Americans, is used for mind-control, or anything other than strengthening teeth.

That Paul is, indeed, dead.

I’m sure there are others. So…what don’t you believe?

What Super Power Would You Want: Teleportation

Posted in Comics, discussion, Meme on 24 September 2007 by jason

A couple of days ago, I asked what superpower you each want, if one were to be bestowed upon you. Aparently, no one wants superpowers. 🙂

If I could have one power, if wouldn’t be flight; I’m afraid of heights. It wouldn’t be invulnerability, for this power would be wasted on me; I avoid situations that might kill me, and I doubt this behavior would change. Super Strength be cool, but then everyone would want me to help them move furniture.

Some powers would be a BAD IDEA ™ for me to have. X-ray vision? I would never get anything done; I would just watch all the girls walk by, literally undressing them with my eyes. Invisibility? All I would do is go places I shouldn’t be.

Therefore, the best power for me would be teleportation. I would get about an hour more of sleep every day because I could leave for work seconds before my shift starts. (I tend to get places up to 1/2 hour early to make sure that I don’t get stuck in any traffic; my job is only 10-15 minutes away. I know that that math doesn’t add up, but who cares?). If I forget my lunch at home, I would just say, “I’m going home for a second,” and it would actually be a second.

Not just that, but I could travel the world, visiting all my international friends, and still be home in time for bed!

(I will repost this when I collect the addresses of the other participants)

See what others have said about this topic:


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What Super Power Would You Want?

Posted in and other fun, Comics, Discuss, discussion, Meme on 17 September 2007 by jason

Hey all,

Since I posted the Iron Man stuff below, I thought I would tell you what super power I would like to have. However, an idea sprouted from the mental landscape that I had thought barren: everyone should discuss this topic! Here’s what I want to do: On Saturday, by let’s say 4PM EST, I want everyone who wants to patricipate to write a post about the super power they wish to have, and why. Then, I will link to those posts on my blog, and everyone else whould do the same (use my blog list to see who has participated). There’s a name for this kind of tomfoolery, but I’m not inturwebs savvy enough to remember it.

For extra credit, you could also tell your origin story!

Anyway, all interested parties should comment below to tell me that you are interested. Then, post this topic on your blog, to get others to do it.

(You’re not experiencing deja vu…I reposted this.)

The Visual Component

Posted in discussion, Music on 16 August 2007 by jason

Lately, I’ve been going through a bunch of CDs that friends have (gasp!) burned for me. I’ve listened to Spoon’s Kill the Moonlight, The Arcade Fire’s Funeral, and some album by Autolux, the name of which escapes me. Usually, it takes me 3 listens to form a definite opinion on music, but it’s taking me much longer that on these CDs. After much thought, I realize it’s because I don’t have the cover art. No liner notes, no clever pictures of celebrities juxtaposed with images of war, no lyrics…nothing. And I realize that the cd art is an important component of the listening experience. When I see that Frank Black is releasing an EP on I-Tunes, or that Beck’s new single is download-only, I get worried. Having the hard copy…something to look at as I listen, or to display on my CD rack, is very important to me. Why would someone who loves music, who collects it, as it were, want to do away with the ability to hold that music in his or her hands?

Discuss, everyone!

Magical Movies

Posted in discussion, Magick, Movies on 10 August 2007 by jason

Those of you who know me may know that I have an interest in magic. Not the stage-kind, mind you (though that, too, is interesting). I’m taking about magick. The black arts. Sorcery.

Movies often deal with magic and the supernatural, to varying degrees of realsim. Some get it “right”, while some are so hokey that even the completely mundane-minded know it’s wrong. Here are some movies that deal with magic in one form or another, and how I think they did.

The Skeleton Key. I know a lot of people who didn’t like this, for one reason or another. One think I can say about it is that it’s one of the most realistic depictions of magic I’ve seen. Almost everything that happens can be explained by coincidence (which works because magic travels the path of least resistance), or psychology.

The Dark Crystal As a child, this movie got me interested in magic. There was something that felt genuine, even to my six-year-old mind, about the circle and line drawings that the Mystics drew. Later, when reading a book on the making of this film, I found out that the shapes are loosely based on the Kaballah, which would explain the realism. I love this movie.

Constantine Don’t get me started. Actually, aspects of this felt right, but it was way to action-based. The opening exorcism is great until Keanustantine says, “I’m John Constantine, asshole!” and punches the demon in the face. I’m sure this movies good if you’re drunk.

Nightwatch. OK. A lot of this movie was just a cool, supernatural action movie, but the stuff near the beginning, when Anton is talking to the witch was pretty good. Oh, and all those magical shapes on his desk come out of The Key of Solomon, The Goetia, and The Grimorium Verum. I checked them with my own copies.

Willow Yeah, I know. It’s another fantasy movie. However, it does have one valuable lesson about magic…it’s about confidence. When Willow fails to become the next apprentice, it is due to self doubt, which is the magician’s bane. Also, the fact that magic, when used to mess with someone’s will, doesn’t make he or she do something he or she wouldn’t do anyway is a good lesson. We see this when Madmartigan falls in love with Sorsha (mmmm…Joanne Whalley…).

So….anyone else care to discuss?