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The Dream Journal of jaynova

Posted in Dreams on 6 December 2009 by jason

…I’m at work. However, I’m scheduled with studio sessions, which are times that go go to a classroom and work with 4-6 students at a time, so I’m not actually in the Writing Center. As I walk the hallways between classes, I keep bumping into my girlfriend, Yvonne, as she makes her way to her studio sessions. She is wearing a strange black sweater with orange mittens attached, and these mittens look like foxes. It’s like she has fox hand puppets connected to her sleeves. We don’t have time to talk because we are busy.

Later, I’m in the parking lot, heading to my car (!?!), when I see Yvonne heading to hers. I walk over to her car and hug her. Then, I wake up…


From the Dream Journal of jaynova…

Posted in Dreams on 6 May 2009 by jason

1) I am some sort of security guard in a huge office building. I wear a black suit and black sunglasses, and I have an earpiece and an uzi. Suddenly, a woman, who looks a little like Charlize Theron in Aeon Flux, but with blonde hair and a white suit, swings around on a silver rope and starts shooting at me and my fellow guards. After a breif firefight, she escapes unharmed. I am also unharmed, though some of the other guards are dead.

2) I am working as an artist in a graphic design studio, along with my friend Jayson. The place looks like someone’s basement…poorly lit, dirty. There are no computers, so we have to do everything by hand. I am tasked with redesigning a sign for a comic book store. The original sign has way too many words on it and looks cluttered. There is a picture of Mary Jane Watson (possibly by Sal Buscema) on the sign.

As I am figuring out how to fix the sign without a computer, the boss, Tom from Comics Cards and Collectables comes down and greets us.

Dream Fragments

Posted in Dreams, Television on 3 March 2009 by jason

From the dream-journal of jaynova, March 1, 2008, after sleeping on 2 bottles of Blue Moon Winter’s Ale.

– In a dark basement, I have sacrificed a pig, which is dressed as a small baby (I don’t remember the actual sacrifice in the dream, but I am aware and unconcerned that I did it. The carcass of the pig is in a bed that is in another room in the basement. Later, I look into the room and notice that the carcass has been repositioned. I put on some rubber gloves and begin to clean the place up. I am afraid of whatever moved the parts, even though it must have been rats. (What the hell!?!)

-Some teenagers are making a movie. At one point, they move the camera backwards through spiderwebs that they have made out of string. This creates a cool movement effect. I commend the kids on their ingenuity. They say that they got the idea from a DIY film making website, and they give me the address. (I don’t remember the address, 😦 )

-My parents ask if I watch Conan O’Brien. I say his show sucks, and they agree. Then, I realize that I thought they meant David Letterman, and that I love Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

-I watch Joaquin Phoenix’s fist interview on David Letterman and realize that he’s always been an idiot and kind of a douche.

Another Dream

Posted in Dreams, Zombies! on 17 February 2009 by jason

The zombie apocalypse has happened. The streets are deserted, and four friends and I are sneaking through the suburbs at night. We are looking for a vertual reality set-up for five. We find one, but it is on the bottom floor of an apartment complex, and it looks like five toilets sitting side to side, with helmets. I question the prudence of shutting off our senses while on the biottom floor of an apartment complex, as we would be sitting ducks for a zombie attack.

In Dreams…

Posted in Dreams, Music on 12 February 2009 by jason

From the dream-journal of jaynova:

Feb 12, 2009. 5:40-7:00PM (Nap)

Kelly and I go to a bar in Cleveland to watch some local bands. When I get there, I want to change out of my work clothes, so I go into a room with wood floors and brick walls to change. After I get out of my work clothes, I get extremely tired, and my limbs feel heavy. So heavy, in fact, that I can not put my other set of clothes on. Someone walks in, and I cover myself and tell them that this room is in use. Through the walls, I hear that one of the bands is not local at all, but is Murder By Death. I try to get my clothes on faster to see them, but I stumble around in a stupor. I almost colapse in fatigue, but I manage to pull myself together and get dressed before the 3rd song.

I realize that Jayson Shenk should know about this, so I try to call him, but I realize that my phone is broken. The screen has a “broken picture tube” effect: the picture on it does not fill the screen, it wobbles, and it makes a buzzing sound. I’m pissed because Jayson would have loved to see MbD.

Fast forward to the end of the show, and I run into Adam, the lead singer, who recognizes me from the show at the Grog Shop that I saw a few months ago. Before we can talk, I wake up.

Sick. Again. Blah.

Posted in Dreams, Rambling on 22 October 2008 by jason

Well, I just got over another one of those colds. You know the ones: you sneeze, your throat’s sore, you hallucinate all night, having visions of NaNoWriMo meetings in warehouses of moving crates while the angle of death, a man with a photocopy of Richard Nixon’s face for a head, chases people around with a chainsaw.

That’s where I was Monday night. Feverish, run-down, and possibly insane. I actually called off work, which is something I never do. I’m feeling better now, though.

I’ve really need some health insurance.

Dream wisdom

Posted in Dreams on 26 September 2008 by jason

Two nights ago, I had a dream, the details of which I can not remember. However, I do remember that there was a man who gave me some advice. He said, “The way I see it, you’re born, you learn to speak, then your story begins.”

What the hell does that mean?