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Resolutions: #1-More Bloggery

Posted in Holidays, Life, Resolutions with tags , on 10 January 2011 by jason

Well, it’s a new year, and I have a list of resolutions. Resolution number 1 on my list is more blogging, both here and on To Eleven. So if you thought this blog was dead, it wasn’t. It was merely sleeping below the sea, like Cthulhu.

So keep checking back here, and keep reading To Eleven (or start to).

Just a reminder…

Posted in Holidays on 17 February 2010 by jason

Today is the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year: Lent. It’s the time that many Christians, especially Catholics, sacrifice something to bring themselves closer to their Lord.

I am not a Christian. So why do I love Lent? Well, because, with all the good Christians giving things up, I get a visit from the Lent Fairy! So, if anyone wants to give up, say, an XBox 360 or a hi-def TV for Lent, I would be happy to “store” it at my apartment. I promise that, in 40 days, you will get your property back in the same condition you gave it to me in unless something happens to it.

Into the Next…

Posted in beer, Holidays on 3 January 2010 by jason

Well, it’s a new year. I can not tell you how happy I am to say that.

The year 2009 basically sucked. My relationship fell apart, so I had to break up with my girlfriend of 3 years, I found out that my mom has cancer, and on the 30th, the girl who was my new girlfriend, and then just a girl I was dating, became the girl I used to date. Other shitty stuff happened, too, but that’s the highlight reel.

So, anyone make any resolutions? I forgot about last year’s “develop a super-power,” so I’m reinstating that one. Also, I’m doing “spend less money on alcohol.” Note that this does not necessarily mean “drink less.” Also, I’m going to try not to get too attached to people this year. I need a break from that shit. I’m a sensitive guy, though, so I am going to have a hard time with this one. Even more so than the “develop a super-power” thing.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a better year than the last one. Goodbye, 2009. Please drink some bleach on your way out.

What’s going on with me?

Posted in Holidays, inturwebs on 27 December 2009 by jason

Well, I have been away from the blog again, due of lack of interwebs, amongst other things. It’s been a fairly eventful couple of weeks, though.

First of all, I introduced you all to my girlfriend, Yvonne? Well, she’s not my girlfriend anymore. We’re still dating, but we’ve decided to take a couple of steps back. I think it’s because I was too much of a good thing. 😉

Secondly, there was some sort of holiday? I think? Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I did. I Saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Yvonne and her kids, I had them over over for a gift exchange/supper, I visited my grandparents and parents, and I had Asian food with my brother and his lady-friend, neither of whom are Asian!

Third, I did some writing for My Very Own Adventure. Be on the lookout for more products from them, including their “Unrated” line of MVOAs for grown-ups!

Other than that, I’ve been writing for my other blog, …to Eleven, with my friend Jayson. If you don’t read that blog yet, bookmark it!

So, that is my Winter break so far. Hope everyone is staying warm!

Closing the Coffin on Summer

Posted in Exercise, Holidays on 22 September 2009 by jason

Well, today is the Autumnal Equinox, and for the first time ever, really, I can feel the line that separates Summer from Fall. As you may have noticed, this Summer was not my best, and I think that the last two weeks have left me kind of bitter and sarcastic. But today, I’m done with all that. It’s a new season, and enough things have happened recently to see this as a new beginning.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of ass backwards to look at Autumn as a new beginning, but whatever. It’s Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. So, too my friends who have helped me out in these last few weeks: Thanks. I’m better now. If you guys need anything, just let me know.

So, what am I going to do? Well, I’m cleaning my apartment and throwing a bunch of stuff out. I’m going to start writing again. I just got a weight bench, so when my sprained wrist heals, I’m lifting 3 days a week. I’m running further and faster then I have before.

It’s not a really a reinvention. If anything, I’m just letting myself be more “me.”

Birthday Adventures in Akron

Posted in and other fun, beer, Food, Holidays, Music, otter, Wine on 10 May 2009 by jason

Saturday was my birthday, so the otter and I made one of our trips to the rubber city to celebrate.

Our first stop was VegiTerranean, the vegan restaurant owned by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. I had the Warm Arugula Salad with Oven Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Onion, Sun-dried Cherries and
Toasted Pecans, tossed in a warm Maple Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette; the Italian Fritto Gardein Scallopini, and a glass of red wine. It was one of the best but most expensive meals I ever had! I’ll probably go back sometime, though I will probably have to go during lunch.

Next, we headed over to Square Records, which is pretty much the most awesome store ever. I picked up Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter, Belle and Sebastian’s Storytelling, and Dethklok’s Deathalbum, all on CD, as well as Thriller by Michael Jackson on Vinyl. I also grabbed the Trouble Books Tablature Book, which is awesome.

Next door, we went to Revival. Usually, the otter gets stuff while I stand around bored (I’m not excited about clothes shopping!), but I did find a nice cardigan. The otter bought it for me.

After Revival, we had a cup of coffee at Angel Falls Coffee, we decided that we should see the 9:30 showing of Wolverine at the Highland Theater. We got our tickets, then headed over to The Matinee for a beer before seeing the movie.

The Highland Theater was amazing. There’s actually a bar where you can sit and watch the movie, or you can go into the theater proper. I watched Wolverine: Origins while drinking Rum and Coke! Sweet.

And that wraps up another installment of jaynova’s adventures in Akron!

Christmas Goodies 2: Music Edition

Posted in Holidays, Music, otter on 2 January 2009 by jason

As you may have noticed on my previous Christmas Goodies post, CDs were conspicuously absent. I figure this is because no one knows what I already have, and a lot of the music I listen to is…well, lets just say that a lot of it never makes it to top 40 radio.

Anyway, using Christmas money and taking advantage of sales and coupons, I’ve managed to get a ton of music, and I think that I’ve spent about $25 all together. *pats back* So, here’s what I got.

Leonard Cohen-Songs of Leonard Cohen-This is the first Leonard Cohen album. I feel bad, because I love Leonard Cohen, but I only had some best ofs. When the otter and I visited her friends Lesley and Adrian, I saw Lesley’s Cohen collection, and I got in the mood to listen to some full albums. Anyway, this one’s great.

Here’s a track: So Long Marianne

Leonard Cohen-Songs of Love and Hate-This is Cohen’s third album, and it’s much darker (and less accessible) than his first one. If you can get into it, though, it’s better than the first one.

Here’s a track: Dress Rehearsal Rag

Elvis Costello and the Attractions-This Year’s Model This is Elvis Costello’s second album. Listen to it. Love it.

Here’s a track: Pump It Up

Pulp-Separations-This Pulp album was released right before Pulp became popular with the Britpop movement of the early-to-mid nineties. Lots of dance music. I like it, but I haven’t heard it enough for any tracks to stand out.

Here’s a track: My Legendary Girlfriend

Jarvis Cocker-The Jarvis Cocker Record-Jarvis Cocker again. This album is the shit, and I don’t care who says otherwise. I do think hekind of ripped Bob Dylan off with the melody for “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time,” and it doesn’t help that the main riff from the next song, “Black Magic” is a sample from the song “Crimson and Clover,” but still, I love this album.

Here’s a track: Fat Children

Balthrop, Alabama-A Very Balthrop Christmas Full disclosure: I am friends with a member of this band. That said, even if I weren’t a fan, I would get their stuff. The tracks “Christmas Misses,” “Christmas in Jail,” and “Army Guy” stand out for me.

I don’t have a track to share, but go to EndUp Records, give it a listen, then BUY IT.

New Year’s Resolutions

Posted in Holidays, Writing on 2 January 2009 by jason

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions:

1) Develop a super-power. Preferably teleportation.
2) Publish a short story in a venue that I have no editorial control over. In other words, not this blog.
3) Engage in more spiritual pursuits.
4) Sing/play guitar at Open Mic Night at Muggswigz. Or somewhere else.

So, what are yours?

Christmas Goodies!

Posted in Books and Literature, Food, Holidays, Kucinich, Movies, otter, video games on 27 December 2008 by jason

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I know I did. On Christmas Eve, I went to my grandparents’ house. I really only see them during the holidays, even though they don’t live too far away. That’s just how we roll in the Nova posse. My brother and his girlfriend were there, as were my parents and my Uncle Mike. It was nice getting everyone together, but I try not to be overly sentimental about family, so I’ll stop there. 😛

On Christmas day, the otter and I had our traditional dinner at the Waffle House, a tradition that started last year when I had the flu and didn’t want to spread it to her family. We exchanged gifts and had great breakfasty-type-food, served to us by a waitress who looked EXACTLY like Punky Brewster.

I know that discussing Christmas presents goes against better judgment, especially after my apartment was broken into this summer, but I’m going to do it. Damn the fates, I say. I’ll only discuss a few gifts here, so if you got me something, and I didn’t mention it, either there was a good reason for it that you already understand, or it is something that I wouldn’t want the interwebs community to read about. Ooooooohhhhhh….secrets!

Anyway, I got lots of giftcards, which will be quickly used on stuff I need. Like more CDs. My brother and his girlfriend got me a gift card towards songs on the Rock Band video game, so that when I visit them, we can rock out with our…never mind.

The otter got me a lot of stuff, but the stuff of interest to the interwebs are the Heroes season one box set, and the book The Courage to Survive by Dennis Kucinich. I also got a new coat, which is keeping my incredibly warm in cold is it…60 DEGREE WEATHER!?! What the hell happened to December? It feels like Spring out there! I also got some new clothes, which I needed desperately!

The otter’s sister got me an awesome DVD of a half-hour long Rube Goldberg device, called The Way Things Go. Jayson, this is the same one we saw at the Akron Museum of Art.

There were other cool gifts, too, as well as money. I’ve spent some of the money on the book The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss Jr., as recommended by the otter’s friend, Zach.

Besides visiting relatives and getting gifts, I watched Elf on Christmas day, and have spent a lot of time playing Gladius and Jade Empire on the XBox. Good times.

So, how was your holiday?

Last Day

Posted in Education, Food, Holidays, video games, Writing on 12 December 2008 by jason

Well, today’s the last day of work before the semester is over. That means I get a month off from dealing with thesis statements, APA format, and, unfortunately, affording food. I tried (not as hard as I could) to get a job for the winter break, and I put an ad on Craigslist offering my skills as a tutor, but to no avail.

I can’t say I’m freaking out, though. I did manage to save a tiny bit of money, and the way my checks will fall, I will be able to pay my rent. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors, playing Gladius and losing weight. (And hopefully, writing.)