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Christmas Goodies!

Posted in Books and Literature, Food, Holidays, Kucinich, Movies, otter, video games on 27 December 2008 by jason

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I know I did. On Christmas Eve, I went to my grandparents’ house. I really only see them during the holidays, even though they don’t live too far away. That’s just how we roll in the Nova posse. My brother and his girlfriend were there, as were my parents and my Uncle Mike. It was nice getting everyone together, but I try not to be overly sentimental about family, so I’ll stop there. 😛

On Christmas day, the otter and I had our traditional dinner at the Waffle House, a tradition that started last year when I had the flu and didn’t want to spread it to her family. We exchanged gifts and had great breakfasty-type-food, served to us by a waitress who looked EXACTLY like Punky Brewster.

I know that discussing Christmas presents goes against better judgment, especially after my apartment was broken into this summer, but I’m going to do it. Damn the fates, I say. I’ll only discuss a few gifts here, so if you got me something, and I didn’t mention it, either there was a good reason for it that you already understand, or it is something that I wouldn’t want the interwebs community to read about. Ooooooohhhhhh….secrets!

Anyway, I got lots of giftcards, which will be quickly used on stuff I need. Like more CDs. My brother and his girlfriend got me a gift card towards songs on the Rock Band video game, so that when I visit them, we can rock out with our…never mind.

The otter got me a lot of stuff, but the stuff of interest to the interwebs are the Heroes season one box set, and the book The Courage to Survive by Dennis Kucinich. I also got a new coat, which is keeping my incredibly warm in cold is it…60 DEGREE WEATHER!?! What the hell happened to December? It feels like Spring out there! I also got some new clothes, which I needed desperately!

The otter’s sister got me an awesome DVD of a half-hour long Rube Goldberg device, called The Way Things Go. Jayson, this is the same one we saw at the Akron Museum of Art.

There were other cool gifts, too, as well as money. I’ve spent some of the money on the book The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss Jr., as recommended by the otter’s friend, Zach.

Besides visiting relatives and getting gifts, I watched Elf on Christmas day, and have spent a lot of time playing Gladius and Jade Empire on the XBox. Good times.

So, how was your holiday?

Adventures in Tremont

Posted in Books and Literature, Comics, Kucinich, otter on 13 October 2008 by jason

This saturday, the otter and I went to Elyria to visit my brother on his birthday. On our way, we stopped in Tremont, just outside of downtown Cleveland.

This was obviously an economically depressed area. After driving through the projects, we made it to a little neighborhood with little houses packed close together. Across the street was a park where a man was selling The Homeless Grapevine for a dollar (I didn’t buy one…there was a crowd of people engage him in political discussion). All over the park and neighborhood were Obama/Biden signs and various other Democratic signs, including many bright yellow ones with “Dennis!” written in big, friendly, black letters.

We walked to our objective, Visible Voice Books. If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely stop there. They have lots of new books at list price, as well as cheap used books. It seems they also have poetry readings, chess games, and themes presentations (they are celebrating Charles Bukowski right now). Not only that, but there’s a wine bar at the front counter. We spent about 45 minutes there, and I bought Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories, John Darnielle’s Master Of Reality(To replace the one that was stolen from me), and two gifts for my brother (Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s The Push Man and Other Stories and Shotaro Ishinomori’s Japan, Inc.).

After the book store, we went to a cafe, the name of which escapes me right now. The coffee was a little dark but smooth.

Sign the Petition! Impeach!

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 5 September 2008 by jason

Ok…I’m skeptical of on-line petitions. As a rule, they are pretty worthless. However, Dennis Kucinich has started an official-type petition fot the impeachment of George W. Bush. I don’t think that the petition is good for anything besides showing congress that the people want to see this happen. That said, the will of the people may be what it takes to persuade congress to pursue the charges. So, SIGN IT!!!

Sign this petition!

Wake up, America!

Posted in Kucinich, Politics, Television on 27 August 2008 by jason

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve written a Kucinich post! Anyway, at the Democratic National Convention, Kucinich gave this speech:

Ok, so there are some bad puns, and some of the stuff can’t really be blamed for the last 8 years, but it’s still a good speech. Not too long, not too boring, not too shabby for a 61 year old!

That didn’t go well…

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 5 March 2008 by jason

Well, Hillary beat Obama in Ohio. And Texas. And Rhode Island. Also, accross the board, as of last night, all the school levies were failing.

So, was there any good news? Yes, actually.

Ohio had a record turn out for a primary. Just proof that people do actually give a damn what happens to this country.

And…Kucinich won the Congressional Primary in the 10th District! If he can’t be president, then we need to keep him as a law maker. I’m not in the 10th disctrict, but I was watching this one.

Political Musing

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 2 March 2008 by jason

Ok, as many of you know, I am hugely in favor of H.R.676, the Conyers/Kucinich health care plan, which would insure every American under a universal payer system. The way I see it, when medicine is being run for profit, it’s not being run for patients.

I am also against Clinton’s plan, which essentially forces everyone to participate in a for-profit system that is already broken. Her plan would fix some of the problems of the system, but I think that forcing us into a system that already doesn’t work makes the problem worse. This is especially true for someone like me who makes enough money to not get the government assistance her plan would give, but who is in so much debt that I am practically in poverty.

I really didn’t have an opinion on the Obama plan. He would insure children who need insurance, so that all children would be insured. I have no children, so this doesn’t affect me. Or so I thought.

I got to thinking, though…what happens when these universally insured children turn 18? Well, to start, they lose their insurance. More importantly, though, they gain the ability to vote. I’m not sure it’s Obama’s intention, but by showing people that universal health care can work, then taking it away from new voters, he is actually promoting the ideals of H.R. 676. the Obama play is not a band-aid on a gushing wound, as I thought it was, but a baby step towards universal health care for all.

Shhhh…don’t tell the Right about this.

In Memorium…

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 25 January 2008 by jason

As Dennis Kucinich’s presidential bid comes to a close, I’d like to take one last look at some of the high points (and there were many, believe it or not) of his run, as well as some other moments in his career.

Video not mine.

Kucinich bows out.

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 24 January 2008 by jason

Dennis is no longer running for president.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

On one hand, I’m kind of depressed over it. I spent so much time talking about Kucinich, rallying for him, and whatnot, that I feel like I’ve lost something. You know, like when an aquaintence who you were going to talk to but never got around to it dies. Drained.

On the other hand, I can place a vote that could make a difference. That means I’m voting for Obama.

You fought a good fight, Dennis Too bad they wouldn’t let you in the ring.

How to find me and what to do when you do.

Posted in inturwebs, Kucinich, Lou Dobbs is an idiot on 14 January 2008 by jason

Ripping off amuirin as I sometimes do, I’d like to present a list of search terms people/bots/internet cretins have used to find me, with running commentary. i urge you to see her list, though; it’s much funnier. You’d think the freaks would come to me more, with all the ranting I do about kucinich!

michael feldman whatd’ya know? 1 I saw this live at the Canton Palace Theatre. It rocked.
how to get powers to teleport 1 I dunno. Gamma rays? Radioactive spider? Ninja training?
kucinich reptoid 1 No. Kucinich is the enemy of the reptiods! He fights them with his gnome magic.
kucinich ignored 1 Which is the only reason the reptoids haven’t tried to kill him.
leno kucinich 1 Slash fan fiction.

super powers, teleportation 1 I told you, I don’t know.
inturwebs 1 You found them when you signed on. A winner is you!
nh recount 1 The reptiods want Clinton to win.

how to have teleportation powers 1 It’s the burning question that everyone wants to know!
cartoon – humans riding dinosaurs 1 It’s in the “Adult” section, next to the furry fetish stuff.

happy belated new year 1 To you, too!
fun cover songs 1 Jim Neighbors singing “You are the Sunshine of my Life”, The Lettermen singing “Revolution”, and Mel Torme singing “Sunshine Superman”. (OK, that last one actually is good.)
peter venkman cartoon 1 It was called Ghostbusters.
lou dobbs government does not will of th 1 We’re not talking about Lou anymore.

belle sebastian cover ronson 2 What?
serj antidepressants 1 I needed them after I heard the single.
“first time i heard fake plastic 1 I cried, OK. Happy?
happy belated new years 1 Again, thanks.
teleportation superpower 1 You’ll be the first to know, I swear!
irony 1 is dead.
cartoon meme 1 I has it!
happy belated 1 …it will be too late when you finish the sentence.
“jay nova” 1 That’s my name. Only without the space. Or the quotes.

irony 2 Can you find irony on the inturwebs? *rolls eyes*
lou dobbs is an idiot 1That is correct.
happy belated new year 1 Yay!
music cover songs without sang 1 Midi files, perhaps? A String Quartet Tribute to the Cover Songs of Mel Torme?
belated new year 1…You’re not late, you’re early for next year!
The Most High Tech Bed EVER 1 With a frickin’ laser beam on its headboard.
muggswiggs 1 GREAT coffee shop in downtown Canton.
Zephyr kent 1Pretentious Emo-fest.

shannyn sossamon sexy oops 1 Didn’t realize you were typing, eh?
famous people canton ohio 1Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova, to name a few.
Kucinich and Colbert 1Slash non-fiction.
holy famous people 1Batman! It’s Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova!

The Fix is in? II

Posted in Conspiracies, Kucinich, News, Politics on 13 January 2008 by jason

They’ve done it again: the news media are excluding Kucinich.

The short form-NBC set criteria for the debate on Tuesday, January 15th. Kucinich met the criteria, including that he must have a 4th place showing “in a national poll”. He placed 4th in the USA/Gallup poll. He was even sent an official invitation. Then, NBC decided to only allow 3 candidates to debate.

This is happening too many times to be a coincidence. If Kucinich is such an insignificant little man, why do the networks and news outlets seem so afraid of him?