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The fix is in?

Posted in Conspiracies, Kucinich, Money, News, Politics, Radio on 13 January 2008 by jason

Why were the polls that predicted an Obama win (and a Clinton loss) in New Hampshire so wrong?

Was the discrepancy because, at the voting booths, because Clinton’s name has an alphabetical advantage?

Was the difference because racist voters lied about who they voted for?

Or maybe it was that almost crying in public “humanized” her in the eyes of the voters.

Or maybe, the whole thing was rigged.

The last possibility is being investigated by Dennis Kucinich; he is working on demanding a recount. As he says in the below audio clips, he is not neccessarily trying to prove that there was machine rigging; he just wants the American people to know if they can trust the voting process.

Kucinich is looking for donations to help pay for the New Hampshire recount. Even if you don’t live in New Hampshire, this is important…many other states use these voting machines, and if this vote was indeed rigged, it could happen to your state too. Go to the Kucinich website and give him your support in this, even if you are not a Kucinich supporter.

EDIT: (It has come to my attention (thanks, dash!) that the link to contribute to the cost of the recount and Dennis’ campaign contribution link are one and the same. That’s a little dissapointing, but I’ll give dennis the benefit of the doubt this time. Anyway, if his campaign does post a link for just the recount, I’ll post it. Until then, if you want to contribute to the recount, sit tight.)

Kucinich ignored. Again.

Posted in Conspiracies, Kucinich, News, Politics on 16 December 2007 by jason

Did anybody watch the Des Moines Register Democratic debate on December 13th? I didn’t. I didn’t care what anyone had to say. Why? Well, it wasn’t a fair debate. See, a debate is actually a debate only when the different sides of the debate are allowed to speak, and if you watched it, you will know that Dennis Kucinich wasn’t there.

According to the Kucinich web team, via myspace:

Here is the arbitrary list of criteria for inclusion in this debate, and in other debates held in Iowa this fall:

Eligible Participants for Des Moines Register Debates will include Presidential Candidates who:

1. Have filed an FEC Form F-2, “Statement of Candidacy,” with the Federal Election Commission; (CHECK)

1. Have publicly announced an intention to run for the nomination of the Republican or the Democratic Party for President of the United States; (CHECK)

1. Have employed at least one paid campaign staff representative to perform full-time campaign duties in the State of Iowa on behalf of the candidate since at least October 1, 2007. (CHECK – Kucinich has had a full-time staffer – an Iowa resident – on board since April)

1. With at least 1% in the Des Moines Register October, 2007, Iowa Poll (CHECK)

1. And lastly, have a Campaign Office inside the State of Iowa as of October 1, 2007 (to which the Kucinich campaign says CHECK, but the Des Moines Register says CHECK-OUT)

The whole truth, the truth the Des Moines Register is not telling you, is that Dennis Kucinich has a political organization in Iowa. It is small, but it is energetic and energized. His paid state coordinator, Marcos Rubenstein, works out of his home. Dennis and his wife Elizabeth have campaigned in Iowa many times.

The Federal Elections Commission recognizes that the Kucinich campaign has paid staff in Iowa. The IRS recognizes the legitimacy of a home office. Across the country, the Kucinich campaign has at least 15 high-ranking paid campaign staff members who work out of their homes. Their offices are campaign offices.

Here’s Marcos Rubenstein trying to get some answers:

Why, in a democracy, is this OK? The Democratic party should have boycotted the debate. I know that Kucinich has a snowball’s chance in Hell to win, but he doesn’t even have that if he’s even allowed to speak! This was a nationally televised debate! And the Democratic party didn’t know about this until the last minute, and they were just “confused” by the decision?

Ridiculous. I’m ashamed to call myself a Democrat.

Props for Kucinich (kind of)

Posted in Food, Kucinich, otter, Politics on 11 December 2007 by jason

Ok, so last night, the otter and I went to Perkins to get some food and some coffee. I was reading Cleveland Scene magazine, and this article pissed me off. I don’t care if you hate on Kucinich, but if you do so, at least back up what you say with facts.

Anyway, I was ranting about how the article claims that Kucinich has turned himself fro a racist curmudgeon to a media darling (when? When they were making fun of the whole UFO thing, or when they were completely ignoring him?) when another patron walked up to us.

“Are you two interested in politics? I couldn’t help but overhear you,” he said.

The otter replied, “Well, he’s interested in Dennis Kucinich.”

The man smiled. “Well, I’ve worked with Dennis. I’m Scott Oelslager , Ohio house representative. I’ve probably represented you for most of your life. How old are you?”

I told him I was 30, which got the usual look of surprise. Then, he said (and I’m condensing this without changing the spirit):

“The media tries to paint him to look like an idiot. You can disagree with his politics, and I’m a republican, so I do, but that man is extremely inteligent. He’s no idiot.”

So there you go. A Republican politician who knows Kucinich (on a first name basis) and won’t call him an idiot.

(He also said that he’s not sure why Kucinich is still running, as there’s no chance he’ll win, but that’s an analysis of facts and not a personal knock, so it’s cool with me.)

Kucinich and the School of the Americas

Posted in Conspiracies, Kucinich, News, Politics on 19 November 2007 by jason

OK…I’ve heard of the school of the americas. I’ve heard that they do a lot of black ops training and whatnot, but I never knew if that was urban myth or fact. Because of this, I really don’t know too much about this story

Kucinich protests Fort Benning school

Still, I wanted to start the week with a Kucinich mention. So there.

Kucinich wins an award?

Posted in inturwebs, Kucinich, Politics on 15 November 2007 by jason

Well, he won the Buzzflash Wings of Justice Award, anyway. He got it for pissing both parties off by trying to bring impeachment charges against Dick Cheney.

Read about it here.

Kucinich Vs. Cheney…it’s a slobberknocker!

Posted in Kucinich, News, Politics on 11 November 2007 by jason

OK, so it’s not. Anyway, there was a vote on whether or not to vote on this, and I guess the Dems fought against a vote and the GOP fought for it. In the end, it was sent away to be decided on elsewhere. Politics are silly. Anyway, here’s Kucinich:

Trivializing Kucinich

Posted in Kucinich, News, Politics, Television on 4 November 2007 by jason

Here’s an example of how the media is trying to trivialize Kucinich. Watch how gracefully he responds.

Message from Kucinich

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 4 November 2007 by jason

Delivered to supporters via Myspace:

Go to this page. Kucinich will be selected as your #1 choice (though you can take him out if you want.) Drag your candidates over to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place slots and vote!

Close Encounters of an Ohio Congressman

Posted in Aliens, Kucinich, Politics on 31 October 2007 by jason

Kucinich admits he saw a UFO. Gracefully, even.

My favorite quote:

It was an unidentified flying object, OK? It’s, like, it’s unidentified. I saw something.

OK…NOW you can make jokes about him. Except you, Amuirin. You’ve already had your fun. 😛

Kucinich is the man!

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 31 October 2007 by jason

Kucinich questions Bush’s mental health

Get in line, Dennis. Get. in. Line.

(No cracks about Dennis seeing aliens, OK?)