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This is a Call

Posted in Local Color on 30 September 2007 by jason

Hey all…there’s a website that needs your help:

Local Color.

What we’re looking for (I’m one of the editors) is fiction, poetry, essays…anything, really. Go here for an address to contact the editors!

Local Color Call for Fiction!

Posted in Local Color, otter, Writing on 21 August 2007 by jason

The latest call for fiction at Local Color is finished. Go there to see stories bt myself, the otter, and contributor Christian Verotik!

Local Color update

Posted in Local Color, Writing on 18 December 2006 by jason

I posted a story on Local Color.

The First Papal Bull$h17

Posted in Local Color, Writing on 14 December 2006 by jason

Ok, all…here is my blog. I’m going to be working on another site (, so I thought I would start this one as a personal diary, a place to record how much writing I got done today, and, you know…a place to geneally whine and complain. That’s what the internet is for, right!?!