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How to find me and what to do when you do.

Posted in inturwebs, Kucinich, Lou Dobbs is an idiot on 14 January 2008 by jason

Ripping off amuirin as I sometimes do, I’d like to present a list of search terms people/bots/internet cretins have used to find me, with running commentary. i urge you to see her list, though; it’s much funnier. You’d think the freaks would come to me more, with all the ranting I do about kucinich!

michael feldman whatd’ya know? 1 I saw this live at the Canton Palace Theatre. It rocked.
how to get powers to teleport 1 I dunno. Gamma rays? Radioactive spider? Ninja training?
kucinich reptoid 1 No. Kucinich is the enemy of the reptiods! He fights them with his gnome magic.
kucinich ignored 1 Which is the only reason the reptoids haven’t tried to kill him.
leno kucinich 1 Slash fan fiction.

super powers, teleportation 1 I told you, I don’t know.
inturwebs 1 You found them when you signed on. A winner is you!
nh recount 1 The reptiods want Clinton to win.

how to have teleportation powers 1 It’s the burning question that everyone wants to know!
cartoon – humans riding dinosaurs 1 It’s in the “Adult” section, next to the furry fetish stuff.

happy belated new year 1 To you, too!
fun cover songs 1 Jim Neighbors singing “You are the Sunshine of my Life”, The Lettermen singing “Revolution”, and Mel Torme singing “Sunshine Superman”. (OK, that last one actually is good.)
peter venkman cartoon 1 It was called Ghostbusters.
lou dobbs government does not will of th 1 We’re not talking about Lou anymore.

belle sebastian cover ronson 2 What?
serj antidepressants 1 I needed them after I heard the single.
“first time i heard fake plastic 1 I cried, OK. Happy?
happy belated new years 1 Again, thanks.
teleportation superpower 1 You’ll be the first to know, I swear!
irony 1 is dead.
cartoon meme 1 I has it!
happy belated 1 …it will be too late when you finish the sentence.
“jay nova” 1 That’s my name. Only without the space. Or the quotes.

irony 2 Can you find irony on the inturwebs? *rolls eyes*
lou dobbs is an idiot 1That is correct.
happy belated new year 1 Yay!
music cover songs without sang 1 Midi files, perhaps? A String Quartet Tribute to the Cover Songs of Mel Torme?
belated new year 1…You’re not late, you’re early for next year!
The Most High Tech Bed EVER 1 With a frickin’ laser beam on its headboard.
muggswiggs 1 GREAT coffee shop in downtown Canton.
Zephyr kent 1Pretentious Emo-fest.

shannyn sossamon sexy oops 1 Didn’t realize you were typing, eh?
famous people canton ohio 1Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova, to name a few.
Kucinich and Colbert 1Slash non-fiction.
holy famous people 1Batman! It’s Marilyn Manson, Macy Gray, and jaynova!

Shut the Hell Up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an Idiot!

Posted in Lou Dobbs is an idiot on 12 November 2007 by jason

And a coward. You may remember that in the comments of the last installment of STHULD;YAI!, I said that I only get to watch Lou Dobbs Tonight while I work out. Well, guess what! The very next week, Lou switched his time to 7PM EST! I can’t watch him now!

You can run, but you can’t hide! Lou Dobbs, you maginficent bastard…I READ YOUR TRANSCRIPTS!!!

Shut the Hell Up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an Idiot.

Posted in Lou Dobbs is an idiot, Politics, Television on 24 October 2007 by jason

I really want to like Lou Dobbs. Seriously. I mean, he uses his show, Lou Dobbs Tonight, to point out how the government constantly works against the people when business interests are a factor. I agree!

However, the fact that he thinks he is the spokesman for the working poor does not make him any less of an idiot.

Case-in-point: The Tuesday, October 23rd episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Lou Dobbs:

The United States Senate is at it again, Senator Harry Reid demonstrating why he should be leader of the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill.

The Senate today starting debate on a proposal that amounts to amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. You thought this issue had been resolved? Well, not so.

The new legislation is part of the failed so-called grand compromise Immigration Reform Act. Now Democratic lawmakers are trying, once again, one bill at a time, trying to subvert the will of the people who expressed themselves about as clearly as can be expressed this past June. This time, these legislatures are calling it the DREAM Act.

And, as Lisa Sylvester reports, the DREAM Act awards citizenship to illegal aliens if they go to college or join the military.

OK…let me just go at it. “Will of the People?” Which people? Was there a vote? If there was, It would be nice to see it, just to put this into context.

And I’m not sure what his hang up is with amnesty? I do have a problem with illegal aliens comming over, undocumented, without paying taxes (and I know that some do pay taxes), but by making them citizens, we generate tax revenue. This is good, no?

You could make the case that it is wrong to allow criminals to have citizenship. This would be absolutely true if their crime was not being born on the wrong side of the border. See, in Mexico (and I’m looking for the story I heard on NPR to nack this up…if anyone can help, I’d appriciate it), the government is so corrupt that it can take years to get legal papers to leave the country unless one bribes the officials. This makes it nearly impossible for the poor to came over for an opportunity in the US (or anywhere else).

Let’s take a look at what the DREAM act entails:

Lisa Sylvester:

The bill would grant amnesty to illegal aliens up to 30 years old who entered the United States before age 16, and have lived in the country for at least five years. They would be eligible for college federal student loans and work study programs.

And if they stay in college or join the military for two years, they would be put on a path to citizenship. Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama estimates that 1.3 million young people could take advantage of the program, but calls it a backdoor amnesty for millions more.

So, this act would allow some young illegal aliens to become legal residents, and allow them to become educated contributors to society, rather than semi-literate (in English, anyway) impoverished migrant workers? Wow. Evil.

So, how is this a “backdoor amnisty” policy?


That if a person is legalized under this process, they can bring their wife and children and legalize them. They can bring their parents and brothers and sisters. So the $1.3 million, which is quite a large number, is a really low figure. It would be much more than that.

Hmmm. Well, again, this would be a problem if the family they bring over were illegal. But they wouldn’t be. They would be tax-paying residents who would become tax-paying citizens. So that $1.3 Million would be made up for by the new tax revenue.

Let’s see how Dobbs really feels about this:

This is a clear effort on the part of the Democratic leadership and that brilliant leader, Senator Harry Reid, to subvert, again, the will of the American people, to disregard the interests of the American people and American citizens, and to pander, to pander to the socio-ethnocentric interest groups in this country, corporate America. And, believe me, this battle is going to continue.

And if the American people flag in their both interest in the subject and their vigilance over the Democratic leadership in both the Senate and the House, they’re going to have their way, and the will of the majority is going to be disregarded again by what the Democratic leadership and the Senate wants to call a progressive approach. Absolutely absurd.

Shut the Hell up, Lou Dobbs; You’re an idiot, as well as a drama queen.



(I should point out that last week, I said someting about the DREAM act paying illegal immigrants for being illegal. I misunderstood the program, as the only place I had heard of it was Lou Dobbs Tonight)

Shut the Hell up, Lou Dobbs; You’re and Idiot!

Posted in Lou Dobbs is an idiot, News, Politics, Television on 16 October 2007 by jason


Welcome to another installment of “Shut the Hell Up, Lou Dobbs; You’re and Idiot”, the blog post where I tell Lou Dobbs to shut the hell up and call him an idiot.

On Monday, October 15, 2007, Lou Dobbs, this fine news commentator, introduced the show just like any other day: with his head up his ass. He said this of Ahnold Schwarzenegger:

The governor of California apparently can’t decide whether illegal immigration is a good idea for California or not. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we will have some help for you and a special report.

Color me interested. I wanted to know what kind of hypocrisy the Terminator was spewing.

Later, Dobbs said:

Schwarzenegger in California, he is trying to appease both the pro-amnesty lobby and the opens border lobby and the border security advocates. He’s doing quite a job of it, too.

Oooohhh…I’m all tingly. He’s about to give it to Schwarzenegger, another republican doing the same thing republicans accuse the democrats of doing: pandering. Let’s find out more!

California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is, again, sending mixed messages, if you will, on the issue of illegal immigration. Governor Schwarzenegger signed a law that forbids landlords from checking whether tenants are in this country illegally.

Yet, as Casey Wian now reports the governor vetoed another legislative initiative that would have provided financial aid to illegal alien college students.

OK….what about it, Lou?

So, Schwarzenegger’s hypocrisy is that he stands up against landlords asking citizens and resident aliens their citizenship status, something that violates the right to privacy of those who obey the law, while vetoing a law that would give taxpayer money to illegal immigrants?


I’ll admit it; there are plenty of politicians trying to play both sides of the issues. There are people trying to use the immigration issue to buy votes, some of which are illegal votes. There are problems. But Lou, you’re just stirring up a fight where there is none.

And you have me agreeing with another republican, and the Guvahnator at that! Why are you doing this to me, you hateful sack of puss?

Here’s the transcript!

Shut the Hell up, Lou Dobbs; you’re an idiot.

Posted in Lou Dobbs is an idiot, News, Politics, Television, Uncategorized on 12 October 2007 by jason

Welcome to the new feature at the Most High and Holy Church of jaynova. Here, we will be arguing with CNN’s Lou Dobbs, telling him to shut the Hell up, and generally calling him an idiot.


On the Wednesday, October 10th, 2007 episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight, the esteemed Mr. Dobbs, this fine news commentator, spoke of the story of the Bush Administration demanding that a illegal immigrant on death row be retried. This was because of an international treaty the US signed to protect the rights of US citizens abroad. Basically, if someone is arrested in a country other than their own, they must be informed of their right to see a representative of their own country, to ensure that their rights are not voilated. Lou forshadowed the story before the commercial break:

Then we’ll have a showdown with the Supreme Court over a state’s right to execute a criminal illegal alien who brutally murdered two teenagers. But President Bush doesn’t like that. The compassionate conservative darling president. And what in the world is he thinking now? You won’t believe it.

Later, he said:

The U.S. Supreme Court today heard arguments over the death penalty conviction of an illegal alien from Mexico in the brutal rape and murder of two teenage girls in Texas.

The highly unusual case involves President Bush. The president now wants to stop the execution of the Mexican citizen, even though President Bush presided over more than 150 executions while he was governor of the state of Texas.

My response? SHUT THE HELL UP, LOU DOBBS; YOU’RE AN IDIOT. The US signed a treaty meant to protect not only foreigners in the US, but US citizens abroad. If you think that it’s OK for Texas to say that international law does not apply there, then I don’t want to hear anything from you the next time Iran decides to hold Americans against international law or when Singapore decides that it’s OK to cane the living shit out of some American because it’s the provincial police, and not their version of federal agents, that caught him spraypainting*.

Bush’s record of executions as governor has nothing to do with anything. Bush is not saying, “Let the guy off the hook.” All he’s saying is, “He was not informed of his rights, and under international law, he must be informed. Therefore, he must be retried.”

Thanks, Lou Dobbs. You’ve got me agreeing with Bush. I hate you. 🙂

*Note…I have no idea how Singapore works…this is just a hypothetical example.

Read the transcript of the episode of Lou Dobbs Tonight here.