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An Open Letter to Marcia Fudge

Posted in inturwebs, Politics on 16 December 2011 by jason

I just wrote to my Congresswoman, Rep. Marcia Fudge, regarding the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA, H.R. 3261):

Rep. Fudge,

Hello. I recently moved to Shaker Heights and was pleased to see that we have a representative who is as dedicated to Civil Rights and issues of Social Justice as you are. I know you are busy, so I will make this short.

I am writing to plead that you vote against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Online Piracy is a big deal, and I understand the desire to put new tools in the hands of the legal system to deal with it, but the collateral damage the act will cause would hurt many websites and internet-based businesses.

The Internet has changed the way the world operates. While the freedom of the Internet has made the piracy of intellectual property easier then before its inception, this same freedom has opened new doors for Democracy, both in and outside of the United States. Social media sites like Twitter and YouTube have been used to make the world more aware of the plight of the inner cities of the United States, and they were instrumental in the revolutions in Libya and Egypt. Putting the keys to this powerful medium solely in the hands of the entertainment industry lawyers is counter to everything the United States is supposed to stand for.

I won’t take any more of your time, though I will provide a link to a video (about PROTECT-IP, the Senate version of the bill). Thanks you for your time, and I hope you will oppose this misguided bill.

Thank you for your time,

Jason Novak

OK, here’s the thing: SOPA almost passed today. I urge all of you to write similar letters to your congresspeople and tell them to say no to SOPA.

America’s feeling pretty proud of herself.

Posted in Politics on 21 January 2009 by jason

According to NPR, people all over THE WORLD are rejoicing over the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It’s a momentous occasion not just for minorities of the US, but for the country as a whole as we shed old prejudices and move fully into the 21st century. Not only that, but in choosing Obama, a man who has nothing to do with the old administration, we have made a step in restoring our credibility in the world.

But hold on…let’s not get to proud of ourselves here. The United States has been around for 233 years. That means it took us 233 (or, 232 by election day), to even really consider an African-American as a viable president. Sure other African Americans have run for the office: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Cynthia McKinney, and Alan Keyes come to mind. But honestly, did anyone think that these people would get anywhere?

Also, anyone who thinks that the racism of old is gone just because a black man is president is sadly mistaken. It’s like those people who say, “I’m not racist! I have black friends!”

I don’t mean to detract from how great a moment this is. I’m proud that we’ve finally elected an African American president, I’m just ashamed that it took us this long.

Good job, America, but you’ve got a long way to go…

Hitler’s Asscrack, Ohio! (The Home of jaynova!)

Posted in Politics, Television on 9 November 2008 by jason

I’m a little late on this, but a couple of weeks ago, Stephen Colbert talked about my hometown of Canton, Ohio!

Hitler’s Asscrack
My name is jaynova, and I endorse this message.

An open letter to President-Elect Obama

Posted in Politics on 5 November 2008 by jason

Dear President Elect Obama,

You did it. In my father’s lifetime (hell, even when he was first able to vote), we have gone from African Americans being barred from voting in some states to an African American president. In one lifetime, so much has changed. For the first time since the mass hysteria and mindless patriotism that came out of 9/11, I am not embarassed to call myself an American.

However, as you know, the work is not done. There are so many Americans who have looked to you with an almost religeous devotion as a symbol of hope. Of change. This is what you promised us.

Many other presidents have made promises, too. Bush claimed he was going to be a great unifier. A uniter, not a divider. We all know how that went.

I’ll keep this short, though. You’ve got things to do. Just let me ask you, no, beg you: do not let us down. You have been handed the reins to this country, a democratic congress, and a democratic senate. I know that congessional Democrats have been pretty ineffectual, but they should work with you. You have no excuse for getting this wrong.

Look, I’m not asking you to fix all of our problems. I’m not asking you to do everything so said you wanted to do. I’m just saying do not go back on your promises.

Thank you,

Jason Novak

NaNoWriMo, day 4

Posted in NaNoWriMo, Politics, Writing on 4 November 2008 by jason

Well, I’ve written myself into a few corners,and I’m having trouble writing my way out. I’m at about 6500 words, but I’m stuck. We’ll see if I can get more tonight before bed.

I’ve written 457 words today. I’m shooting for 2000.

Oh, and there’s some sort of election thing happening today.

The Vice Presidential Debate: Biden vs. Palin

Posted in Politics, Television on 3 October 2008 by jason

Well, I watched the debate last night, and it didn’t change my opinion at all. Here are a few thoughts I had afterwards, though:

* If I hear the word “Maverick” one more time, someone is getting punched directly in the face.
* Biden needs to lay off the Botox.
* Both candidates are liars.
* Biden was being too nice, but the “bridge to nowhere” line was awesome.
* Palin does condescending well, all things considered.
* I liked Pain’s “Same-Sex marriage” answer slightly more, mainly because Biden said he wanted to leave it up to individuals and their faith. This assumes that all faiths are against same-sex marriage. (It should be noted that I disagree with both of them on this issue. Same-sex marriage should be allowed. Period.)

So, what did you guys think?

Welcome to the United Socialist States of Jaynova, Comrades!

Posted in inturwebs, Politics, video games on 21 September 2008 by jason

I know, I know…it seems like every month I abandon whatever on-line game I’m playing and pick up another one. Right now, I’m playing Nation States. You get to create your own country, put its laws into effect, and participate in a mock UN (called the World Assembly). It’s free and browser-based, and it only takes about a minute a day to play…unless you get involved in the forums and the wiki. Which I have.

On the forums, I play in character as Jerzy “Jay” Novakovich, the president of The United Socialist States of jaynova. This is taking some time as I argue against (or agree with) other rulers and ambassadors.

The other time-waster is the wiki. Here’s the entry I’ve written. It’s a lot of fun, but it has pulled me away from this blog.

Anyway, if you sign up for the game, let me know which country you run!

Sign the Petition! Impeach!

Posted in Kucinich, Politics on 5 September 2008 by jason

Ok…I’m skeptical of on-line petitions. As a rule, they are pretty worthless. However, Dennis Kucinich has started an official-type petition fot the impeachment of George W. Bush. I don’t think that the petition is good for anything besides showing congress that the people want to see this happen. That said, the will of the people may be what it takes to persuade congress to pursue the charges. So, SIGN IT!!!

Sign this petition!

Wake up, America!

Posted in Kucinich, Politics, Television on 27 August 2008 by jason

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve written a Kucinich post! Anyway, at the Democratic National Convention, Kucinich gave this speech:

Ok, so there are some bad puns, and some of the stuff can’t really be blamed for the last 8 years, but it’s still a good speech. Not too long, not too boring, not too shabby for a 61 year old!

On-Line gaming…

Posted in Politics, video games on 10 August 2008 by jason

I’m going to return to the usual haiku and review sort of stuff I do on this blog tomorrow (I’m giving my brain a break after that last week!), but I wanted to tell everyone that I’m playing Nation States. It’s fun, and it’s slllooooowwwwww (You get to make 1 or 2 decisions a day). Anyway, do you think you can lead a country? Give it a shot! Look me up! I’m the president of The United Socialist States of Jaynova!