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I’ve become one of “those people.”

Posted in Tech on 14 November 2009 by jason

I never wanted a cell phone. Honest. I always figured that if I was away from home, I didn’t want to be contacted. However, several years ago, my wife at the time decided that we should have cell phones, so I got locked into a contract, and I had a cell phone.

Now, this cell phone was the most basic thing you could get. It did have a camera, but that was the only special feature it had. And I got used to it. It came in handy after the divorce and after my car broke down, because I needed rides places all the time.

So, in this age of Smart Phones, touch screens, and mobile web browsing, I was carrying around a dinosaur. And I was proud of it. However, after about 4 years, it started to give me problems, and as I text more often, I wanted a QWERTY keypad. When it was time to renew my contract, and using all the discounts I had for using the same phone for so long, I got a new phone.

It’s a Samsung Rogue. It has a touch screen. It browses the inturwebz. It is teh awesome.

So now, I’m constantly playing with my phone, touching the screen, polishing the screen, showing it off to other phone people. I have become a phone person. Me. jaynova. A phone person.


I even bought the extended battery, so now, I can paly with my phone even longer!

I’m not sure how I let this happen.


If I had a Time Machine…

Posted in Movies, Music, Rambling, Tech on 10 August 2008 by jason

What would you do if you hads a time machine? Would you go back and save Kennedy? Watch the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Go meet Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammad? Or would you just go back rto an earlier version of yourself and give little you some sage advice? Would you go into the future, to see if humanity survives all the petty squabbles it has today?

Those all sound great, but let me tell you what I would do. I would go back to 1990-1991. Then, I would track down Queen Latifah. I would sit her down and tell her, “In the future, you are going to be in an Oscar-winning musical, for which you will be nominated for an Oscar. Oh, and Ice Cube will be doing family comedies.” Then, I would run like hell.

Are you there, Bill Gates? It’s me, jaynova.

Posted in inturwebs, Money, Tech on 3 June 2008 by jason

Dear Mr. Gates,

Look, I’ve done what you asked. I’ve dutifully forwarded every e-mail I got announcing your tracking software. You know, the e-mails stating that I would get “$245.00 for everyone I forward this message to, $243.00 for everyone they send it to, and $241.00 for everyone they send it to.”

Now, I’ve done the math, and even if all my friends are assholes and didn’t send the e-mails along, you still owe me something like $10,000.

Look, I know you’re good for it. You’ve got the money. Hell, I even read that you gave $5 million to a group that will help children up to 5 years of age get early learning opportunities in East Yakima. FIVE MILLION!?! I guarantee that only a handful of those toddlers have the e-mail skills to send even $1000 worth of your e-mails!

So, Bill Gates, where is my money?

Spam Comments are the Devil!

Posted in inturwebs, Tech on 22 January 2008 by jason


Off-line Blogging

Posted in inturwebs, Tech on 22 January 2008 by jason
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Recently, I’ve started using Microsoft Live Writer to write blog posts while off-line.  I started using this program because a) it was the only one I tried that actually worked, and b) it was the only one that boasted that it had plug-ins to customize my off-line blogging experience.  As far as the program actually working, the interface looks like this:


Nice, eh?  I can see what my post will basically look like once it’s posted.  Now, the bad part.  I looked through all of the plug-ins, and there are very few that I would want to use.  One that would be very useful is the one that lets me post to WordPress using the formatting from a word processor.  See, what I post script excerpts, I have to go through and bold everything that I want bolded because the WordPress editor doesn’t read things like bolding or indentations.

So, I downloaded what would be the best plug-in for me, and I tried to install it.  When I try to install it, though, I get this window:



Um…I’m not sure what it wants from me.  I agree, the application DOES require Windows Live Writer.  Fortunate that I have it, huh.  But, when I agree, it takes me to the page to the Windows Live Writer website.  ‘At’s a-no good. So I bring the box back and say "no."  When I do this, it just kicks me out of the installation process.  So, I can’t install the frickin’ plug-in.  According to the comments on the page,others have had the same problem, but some have had no problems.  Grrrrr.

Oh, I also downloaded the program "Snippy," which allows me to take screen caps, thus the above pics.

So…how was your (insert holiday here)?

Posted in Comics, Holidays, Tech on 29 December 2007 by jason

My family gets together on what my calander tells me is “Christmas Eve” to give gifts and all that. This year was an odd one for me because my brother and his girlfriend got me a laptop computer, and I got them a $30 graphic novel.

Anyway, the laptop is awesome for me because now I can write anywhere. I mean, I can type anywhere, but that’s really the only writing I do anymore. They also got me a network card, so if I’m at a place with free wi-fi, I can get on these inturwebs, which means hopefully more blog posts from me. So, the laptop is kind of a gift for the rest of you, too! 😛

Oh, I also got a digital camera, which will lead to a couple of new things for this blog, too, I hope. We’ll see.

The only bad thing about the holiday was that, on midnight of December 25th, I came down with a really nasty stomach flu, so I spent the day in bed. Oh well. Could have been worse.


Posted in Comics, Dreams, Tech on 10 October 2007 by jason

Last night, I dreamt that I had to take a computer from a crowded lab of students working on mid-term papers and put it in the Writing Center. When I was unhooking the computer, I tried to unplug what looked like a modem line from the wall, and I disconnected all the computers, which made everyone lose their papers. This was particularly distressing because many students have just started using computers and have not learned to save as they work. Everyone was distraught.

When I tried to start the computers back up, I realized that everything had been erased on them except a short CGI intro featuring generic versions of the Marvel Super Heroes ™. The only hero I remember was a man wearing mirror shades and smoking a cigar, whom I recognized as a Nick Fury knock-off.

Talking with the Tech Guy

Posted in Education, Tech on 4 October 2007 by jason

At the college where I work, one of the coputer help desk guys was one of my customers at the video store I used to work at. I frequently stop to see what’s going on with him.

Today, we got to talking about the upgrade to Microsoft Word 2007. I said, “I keep having to show coworkers how to do things with it, like I’m the expert or something. I only know how to use it because when students ask me how to do something, I play with the computer and figure it out. Trail and error, you know.”

He related. “I’m not saying anyone is stupid,” he said. “I know it’s confusing. I know some people are computer illiterate; I have a grandma too. But I mean, come on!”

The grandma comment struck me as funny. That’s all.