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Thoughs on “The 4400”

Posted in Television, Uncategorized on 9 October 2008 by jason

I just finished watching the show The 4400 last night. I was left wondering:

*If you had a 50% chance of death, and a 50% chance to get a power, would you take Promicin?
*Would the world be a better place if everyone had powers, or would we use these powers to continue the same conflicts we always had?
*Weren’t Unibent Software’s office’s just the 4400 center with some monitors on the walls? (I swear Imroth’s office was Shawn Farrell’s office!)
*Why does everything feel like Canada?!?


A Road Less Traveled?

Posted in Exercise, Rambling, Uncategorized on 24 September 2008 by jason

Yesterday, I decided to try to find a shortcut to the grocery store. You see, usually, I have to walk south about 1/4 mile, then East for a while, and finally North about 1/2 mile. A couple of weeks ago, I saw that just north of me, there is a “Covered Bridge Park,” which looks like it goes straight through to the store.

When I got to the park, the 1st thing I noticed was that it is hilly. You can’t really see from one end to the other over the hills. Also, there is a baseball field where some kids were playing. Around this field is a track. This track is where my troubles began.

The track is covered in rocks. I suppose they call it gravel, but it was rocks. Sharp, pointy rocks. In my generic chucks (actually, Old Navy brand canvas shoes), I could feel every one of them. So I stumbles and limped along the track until I got around the baseball diamond. As I expected, as my luck usually follows this way, the path is a loop. When I got behind the diamond, I had nowhere to go but where I came from. i had hopes that I would find, hmmm…maybe a covered bridge!?! No such luck.

I decided that I would not be deterred…I pushed my wat through the trees along the path, hoping it would lead me to the store. I pushed through one side of the wooded area and into…

A cemetary. What the hell? As far as I knew, there was no cemetary between my apartment and the store, so I was officially lost. Not only that, but due to my lack of direction sense, I wasn’t sure which was would lead to the road. I listened for traffic, and thought I knew where it was coming from, so I headed in that direction.

fortunately, I was right, and I trecked out of the graveyard and onto Cleveland Avenue, the busy street where the store is. Unfortunately, it seems that I overshot the store by about 1/2 mile.

The end result of the adventure is that a 45 minute walk took 2 hours, my feet are blistered, and I still don’t know of a shortcut to get to the store.

Change of Plans

Posted in Uncategorized on 31 August 2008 by jason

Well…I haven’t been around much this week, like I said I would. This has nothing to do with Amuirin’s prediction that my cat would be mauled by zombies, but rather that I’m getting back into the swing of work after a two week break, and the thing I was going to do this week didn’t work out.

I had a meme-type-thing planned, which I think I’m still going to propose. I worked on it on my laptop, but the laptop crashed (I hope to fix that soon).

Besides that, I really have just been lazy. When I’m not working at work, I’m reading, so I just haven’t gotten to the blog like I wanted to. Anyway, I’m hoping to get more done this next week. So we’ll see, I guess.

Movie Review: Southland Tales

Posted in Movies, Uncategorized on 17 August 2008 by jason

Watch this trailer:

Looks pretty good, albiet a little quirky, right?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty quirky, and only a little good.

Southland Tales is Richard Kelly’s follow-up to Donnie Darko, a film that I though was very quirky and very good. In Southland Tales, A movie star, a porn star, some polititians, a bunch of artists/neo-marxists, a police officer, a soldier, and half the alumni of Saturday Night Live get involved in what may be the final days. Sounds like a good idea, except that it gets too caught up in what Kelly calls satire and I call heavy-handed preaching to a choir. Yes, Mr. kelly, your target audience knows that the Patriot Act infringed on civil liberties, and we know that the Republicans use fear as a platform issue.

I really don’t want to spoil to much, except to say that the film does have some interesting ideas, like the use of an alternative fuel source being worse than just drilling, and the parallells between this movie and the Book of Revelation. I think that the film’s fault is that it tries too hard to make a statement without really saying anything, and there are just too many subplots floating around. What could have been a gripping tale of the end of the world becomes an unfocused mess.

It’s not all bad, however. The Rock is a good actor (when he’s not trying to act scared), and Sarah Michelle Gellar has some great lines (and a hilarious song, “Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime”). That guy who played Stifler does a terrific job with the plot Kelly gives him, though it’s muddled and has a plot hole the size of a zeppelin going through it. And Justin Timberlake is a more-than-adequate narrator with some great scenes, including this one that happens right after he takes a drug that makes him hallucinate and become slightly telepathic:

Anyway, this could have been a great movie, but it turned out to be a pretentious wankfest. And I say that as a fan of the films of David Lynch, Wes Anderson, and Terry Gilliam.


Posted in Haiku a day, Uncategorized on 23 July 2008 by jason

The semester’s end,
the cooling breeze from the North–
much needed relief.


Posted in Haiku a day, Uncategorized on 15 July 2008 by jason

Dancing in circles
on a shady patch of stone–
a wounded horse-fly

Haiku: Kitsunegari

Posted in Poetry, Uncategorized, Writing on 2 July 2008 by jason

For reparations
Let the foxes hunt humans.
Tally ho, fuckers!