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Another Dream

Posted in Dreams, Zombies! on 17 February 2009 by jason

The zombie apocalypse has happened. The streets are deserted, and four friends and I are sneaking through the suburbs at night. We are looking for a vertual reality set-up for five. We find one, but it is on the bottom floor of an apartment complex, and it looks like five toilets sitting side to side, with helmets. I question the prudence of shutting off our senses while on the biottom floor of an apartment complex, as we would be sitting ducks for a zombie attack.

Murder By Death

Posted in Music, Zombies! on 24 November 2008 by jason

On Saturday, I want to see Murder By Death at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, and it was a great show. The opener was J. Roddy Waltson and the Business (I think that’s what they were called). They were good, but I wasn’t into their style.

William Elliott Whitmore came on next, and he rocked the banjo like a muthafucka! I really need to get some of his stuff.

Murder By Death are a great live band. If you ever get the chance, you should go see them. They sound a little like Nick Cave, only they don’t try as hard to be dark. I just started getting into them, so I don’t know a lot of their music, but I was glad to hear “Brother,” “Sometimes the Line Walks You,” and “Boy Decide,” and I was completely psyched to see William Elliott Whitmore get on stage to do backing vocals on “Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue” (which he also did on the album version).

After the show, I was reminded of how uncool I am. The band passed us, and my friend Jayson started talking to the lead singer, Adam Turla. The singer recognized Jayson from passing him in the bookstore before the show. After they talked, I shook Adam’s hand and said that he put on a good show, then stood awkwardly as we looked at each other. As much as I love music, I feel like a total dork when I’m around music people, like I don’t have the language to discuss music properly. I don’t know.

Anyway, here are some videos of the band (Not from the show, obviously):

“Until Morale Improves”

“Sometimes the Line Walks You”

“Killbot 2000” (Live)

NaNoWriMo, day 15

Posted in NaNoWriMo, Writing, Zombies! with tags on 15 November 2008 by jason

Didn’t sleep much last night. Tired. Lights are doing weird things to my eye. I’ve had about 6 cups off coffee to shake off the feeling, but no dice. I want to go to bed.

I’m currently at 25771 words in NaNoWriMo. That’s past the halfway point, for those not schooled in the esoteric ways of basic math. Less than 25,000 to go. I think I can, I think I can.

Everything that I’ve written today is shit. I feel like I might have contracted the zombie virus. I’m hungry. I want brains.

NaNoWriMo, Day 14

Posted in NaNoWriMo, Writing, Zombies! on 14 November 2008 by jason

Anyone want to see 883 words? I am kind of happy with what I’ve written today, so you can see it. I guess I’ll say it’s Copyright 2008 J. Robert Novak, even though it sounds kind of presumptuous to say it.

Anyway, on with the show!

Walks With Knives dragged the carcass of the deer back to his campsite. It was heavy, but he was strong. He was confident that he could make it back to his home base before it got too dark, before it became unsafe. He had a hold of its front legs, careful not to spill any blood on himself from the arrow wound in its neck.

It was an uphill climb, the slight slope of the hill seeming much steeper that it was from the heft of the deer. It was an eight point buck, but it was lean, and the trees in the forest provided rest spots on the trip where Walks With Knives could set the deer and regain his strength. He did this often in the last month, and it had become fairly routine.

It helped that since that night, twenty eight days ago, he had not seen a single walking corpse. He had left them behind in Arebel, never to return. The undead could have the town; the countryside was all his. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo, Day 12

Posted in NaNoWriMo, Zombies! on 13 November 2008 by jason

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve made it over the 20,000 word hump, AND I’ve finally gotten aroud to the plot of my story. See, obviously its about zombies, but I’m writing about something very specific, which I’ll talk about later, after I’ve written more. Still, I think it’s funny that I wrote for 12 days before I actually got to the main idea of the damn thing!

Anyway, shooting for 1667-2000 words today, 3000-4000 on Friday, and we’ll see what I get done on Saturday and Sunday.

NaNoWriMo, Day 5

Posted in Music, NaNoWriMo, Writing, Zombies! on 6 November 2008 by jason

Ok, so today is actually day six, but the day had just begun, so I’ve nothing to say yet.

I will say that yesterday, I tried writing from work, but I’m a popular tutor, so even when we’re not busy, I end up working with several people in a row. In other words, I got about 100 words from work.

The good news is I managed about 1900 words when I got home. That puts me at 9065, or about 600 words ahead of schedule. And it’s not all crap. I liked this bit:

Driving past the part, he was again amazed at how the world was recovering. So many lives had been lost during the plague; he would have bet that every one of these people in the park, from the kids playing on the swing set to the white guy with the dreadlocks playing disc golf, had known someone who was killed in the outbreak, or even worse, who had returned to life afterwards. Yet here these people were, living the lives that they had basically already been living before the world ended. Is it a testament to man’s resiliency, Carl thought, or to his ability to live in denial.

He supposed both were the case. Man’s ability to forget the past may have doomed him to repeat it, but it also made it possible to get on after hard times, such as the first world war. The Holocaust.

The Zombie Plague.

They key to getting this much done, I’ve found to my surprise is

1) I outlined the next couple of events the night before, and
2) I listen to instrumental surf rock. I get a lot done when that’s playing.

In light of the second discovery, I want to recommend to everyone the album Shots in the Dark, which is a collection of Henry Mancini songs played as surf rock.

Should We Talk About the Weather?

Posted in discussion, otter, Zombies! on 15 September 2008 by jason

Last Night, the apocalypse happened. The power died across the city. Winds tore the trees right from their roots. The skies flashed with the sparks from exploding transformers.

The only think that would have made it cooler would have been zombies.

Hurricane Ike migrated north and hit Ohio like…a hurricane. I was in Hartville, at a friends house, when the trees started falling. After the storm died, the otter and I made our way back home across the wastland of blackened streetlights and fallen trees. It was anarchy. Cars blew through the powerless traffic lights, and winds blue debris accross the roads.

We made it to a Giant Eagle for some things for my mother. Giant Eagle had left their doors open so that the glass wouldn’t be blown out by the wind. Inside, several display standshad been knocked over, and leaves and branches were scattered on the floor. We went straight for the medicine aisle to get something for my mother, and was almost run into by a woman, buying ice cream, who did not seem to see me. She lumbered in front of me, and when I tried to go around her, she turned and almost hit me.

Perhaps the zombie apocalypse had begun.

Anyway, I got home, and my power was out. Fortunately, it came back on about 1am. Some of my friends won’t have power for 4 or 5 days.

So…did you get hit by Ike? Comment below!

Zombiefest I: Zombie Honeymoon

Posted in Movies, Zombies! on 6 August 2008 by jason

The last of the zombie movies I watched this week (read: The last one they had at the library) was Zombie Honeymoon, a tale of love, marriage, and bloodlust. In a nutshell, Denise and Danny get married, and decide to start their dream lives. Unfortunately, at the beginning of their honeymoon, Danny is attacked by a zombie and dies. He comes back, though, in good spirits and hungry for his new wife’s love. And human flesh.

As Danny slowly becomes a zombie, Denise must choose between her husband and his need to eat everyone he meets, or her own sanity.

Ok, the ratings:

As far as believing Danny is a zombie, I like the film’s approach. He starts off looking and acting fine, but becomes more distand (and more rotten) as the film progresses, untill he looks like a traditional zombie. 8 out of 10 peices of desiccated flesh.

The world was fairly believable. The police suspect Danny of the killings that have happened lately, but can’t prove it. They harass him and his wife, but have nothing that they can actually bring him in with. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the setting…I imaging budget constraints meant that they had to film where they could…5 out of 10 nosey cops.

The people in this movie don’t make great decisions. they hang around Danny, even as his flesh is falling off, they ignore bloodstains, his wife helps him hide the bodies…everyone is just asking to die. 2 out of 10 survivors.

Again, like the other movies I watched this week, this one is worth watching, but I wouldn’t buy it.

When there’s no room in Hell, go to Canada!

Posted in News, Zombies! on 5 August 2008 by jason

Thanks to Jeshi for pointing this out!

More zombie-like attacks in Canada!

Here are some quotes, taken completely out of context to suit my needs:

In another incident that occurred within the past seven days, a paramedic was pulled to the floor of an ambulance and bitten on the shoulder.

And four paramedics were physically challenged recently while trying to care for a combative patient in a separate attack.

[…]Paramedics are now issued protective vests they can wear at their discretion, and they also receive self-defence training in the event of an attack.

Where are Jenny Romanchuk and the Zombie Hunters when you need them?

Zombiefest I: They Came Back

Posted in Movies, Zombies! on 5 August 2008 by jason

A few days ago, I watched a zombie film that was, well, different from any other zombie film I’ve ever seen. It’s the french film Les Revenants, also known as They Came Back in the US. I had seen this one before, but felt that I “didn’t get it”, so I decided that Zombiefest was an opportunity to rewatch it.

I’m still not sure I entirely get it, but here’s what I do get…

In many zombie films, the undead are used to represent something, whether it’s the fear of Communism, the rise of consumerism, the folly of man…whatever. In Les Revenants, the returned represent grief, and the way that loved ones tend to haunt us after their deaths.

This is NOT an action movie, or even a horror movie, really. It doesn’t try to scare you with rotting flesh and things jumping at you. Instead, the returned look healthy, and they try to pick up their old lives, which is disruptive to the living.

Anyway, to the rating system:

The world seems real because it is pretty much just like our world. The zombies return has necessitated the building of an acclamation facility, to rehabilitate the dead and to get the living used to them. It’s absically a medical facility, with doctors and psycologists staffing it. When the dead return to their jobs, they are slower than they were in life, and some of them are aphasic, so the living try to put up with them, try not to stare. All in all, it felt very realistic. 8 out of 10 real-life points.

The characters don’t really make any stupid decisisions, but this isn’t a survival horror story either, so my survival rating is NA.

The zombie effects are pretty good, seeing as there really aren’t any. The undead wear light clothing, and the lighting is manipulated to make them appear to glow a little, but other than that, it’s the acting that separates the living from the dead. The zombies walk, work, and live their lives, but slower. And they stare, unblinking, at everyone, which is CREEPY.

Things get a little weird in the end, which I won’t spoil for you except that some of the living do join the dead in the end, in a scene that I’m not sure I get the point of. Still, definitely worth watching once (or twice).

(This trailer is for the Spanish translation, so sorry about the lack of English. Or French.)