Run Run Run

Early, Saturday morning: Rain clouds, baleful and ponderous, loomed accross the hills. The land was still, for the birds and the woodland creatures were hiding from the portentious weather.

A perfect day for a race!

Yesterday, I ran in my first race since last year’s Hall of Fame 2 Mile. This was the 3rd Annual Louisville Area YMCA’s 2-Mile Fun Run (Say that 5 times fast!), and though the weather barely cooperated (the rain stopped just long enough for me to get from the starting pistol to the finish line), I had a lot of fun. I was actually 2-3 seconds slower than I was on the same course last year, which I blame on a knee that’s been bothering me lately, as well as my recent recovery from a week-long illness and having a tooth pulled on Monday. I really was not physically prepared for this race, so I’m just glad I finished.

The otter beat me, of course.


2 Responses to “Run Run Run”

  1. Your accusation has given me umbrage! See! I have umbrage now! I am umbragified! I am full of umbragiosity!

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