I’m going to watch the Watchmen.

Well, I’m going to break down and see it tonight. Until then, here is something so perfect, I had to share it.

If you’ve read the book (or seen the movie, I guess), there are so many in jokes here…I love that Rorschach is a “friend to the animals,” especially to those dogs. My god, that’s funny stuff.

One Response to “I’m going to watch the Watchmen.”

  1. How did you like it? I had an ordeal with mine. I was exited enough about it that I didn’t want to read any reviews or watch any spoilers so when ever a commercial came on tv or I heard any one on the radio talk about it I turned off or changed channels. Thus I ended up taking my 11 year old daughter with the wife and I to see it. (I didn’t think they would have the sex scene or as much frontal male nudity as they did) I even wrote a little something about the experience on my blog. Not a review really just a ‘Oh crap I just brought my daughter to a soft core porn’ moment.

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