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Encyclopedia Gen-x-ia: Max Headroom

Posted in Gen X Encyclopedia, Television on 20 March 2009 by jason

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As you may know, I am from Generation X, while my girlfriend is from Generation Y. This means that occasionally, our cultrual references don’t match up. Hence, I will explain Max Headroom.

Max Headroom– A character, played by Matt Frewer in a couple of television shows, as well as many Coke commercials. Max Headroom was supposed to be a computer-generated personality, though he was actually a guy with plastic on his head. He stuttered, told bad puns, and was generally AWESOME.

He had some show in England where he did something with music videos. After that, he did a pilot for a british Sci-Fi Cyberpunk show. This show was remade into a series on ABC, and it was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to that network until Twin Peaks. The tagline for the show was 20 minutes into the Future, which means that the show sounded just as awesome as it was.

Max also did those Coke commercials, appeared in a music video, and had a talk show.

Further Materials-
Opening Credits of TV show (from Youtube)

Coke Commercial-

The Encyclopedia Genxia-Tron

Posted in Gen X Encyclopedia, Movies on 2 March 2009 by jason

From jaynova’s Gen X Encyclopedia, a new entry!


Tron-A live-action Disney movie from the early ’80s about what computer programs really do when we’re not looking (kind of like those old cartoons with the talking books or household items.) Mainly, programs play games like “Discs of Tron” and “Light-Cycles,” which look really awesome until you get de-rezzed, which means you die. Anyway, Flynn gets trapped in a very obvious Christ motif while looking for “scuzzy data” and has to endure the Game Grid(tm) while trying to overthrow the Master Computer Program(tm). Eventually, he dies for the programs’ sins, or rather, he returns to our world, which must be like Heaven for computers. He will come again, most likely in the upcoming Tr2n.

The Gen X Encyclopedia

Posted in Gen X Encyclopedia, Music, otter on 15 February 2009 by jason

My girlfriend is about 5 years younger than I am, and she belongs in a different generation than I do. I’m on the ass-end of Generation X, while she is part of Gereration Y (Or the “Millennials”). Because of this, we often have different cultural references or experiences that do not make sense to each other. For instance, I couldn’t imagine getting off of school in 10th grade and going straight to Starbucks. I don’t think we even had a starbucks around these parts.

Anyway, I occasionally mention things that were a part of my youth that she has never heard of. To remedy this, I present to you (and to her) jaynova’s Gen X Encyclopedia.

Here’s an entry for you:

Technotronic-A dance/hip-hop group from the late ’80s and early ’90s. The lead vocals on their biggest US hits were provided by the androgynous Ya Kid K. Under the name Hi Kek 3, they appeared on the soundtrack to one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Their songs were usually about pumping things up and moving bodies.