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Happy Halloween AND a Scary NaNoWriMo’s Eve

Posted in Holidays, Writing on 31 October 2008 by jason

First of all, Happy Halloween, all! Be safe, check your candy, and remember that [insert pagan god/goddess here] is the reason for the season!

Also, tomorrow begins NaNoWriMo. I am afraid. Very afraid. I got out a story I wrote that was about 1,700 words and you know what? That’s a LOT of frickin’ words! I’m going to be writing one of those every day!

Good luck to everyone who is participating! Wish me luck. I will keep you updated from my mobile command center/laptop.

jaynova out.

Damn it!

Posted in Holidays, otter on 26 October 2008 by jason

You know the Kent Halloween party the Otter and I’ve planned to go to all year? The one for which I spent $50, plus hours at Goodwill stores looking for the perfect costume? Yeah, that was last night, not next week. So I missed it.

I’m seriously at a loss. Now what? I’ve got a costume that I was excited about, and nowhere to wear it. I am so pissed at myself for not double checking the date. I just assumed that the Hallowen party would be on, you know, maybe Halloween?

Does anyone know of anything going on next week in Akron or Cleveland?

A sneak preview of my Halloween costume…

Posted in Holidays on 23 October 2008 by jason

I went to a Halloween party this weekend, before I got sick. The bad news is that I only remembered to take a few pictures, and it was my mom’s camera, so I didn’t take any great ones (I mean that I’m unfamiliar with the camera, that that it’s a bad camera). I did get one taken of me, in my costume. So here it is.

I hope to have more pics when I do Kent on Halloween.

Movie Review: Meet the Spartans

Posted in Movies on 22 October 2008 by jason

If you gave me the equipment and told me to make the worst movie ever, I would put Meet the Spartans in my DVD player and film the TV.

Sick. Again. Blah.

Posted in Dreams, Rambling on 22 October 2008 by jason

Well, I just got over another one of those colds. You know the ones: you sneeze, your throat’s sore, you hallucinate all night, having visions of NaNoWriMo meetings in warehouses of moving crates while the angle of death, a man with a photocopy of Richard Nixon’s face for a head, chases people around with a chainsaw.

That’s where I was Monday night. Feverish, run-down, and possibly insane. I actually called off work, which is something I never do. I’m feeling better now, though.

I’ve really need some health insurance.


Posted in Haiku a day on 15 October 2008 by jason

Calendars divide
The summer from the autumn;
The weather does not.


Posted in Haiku a day on 15 October 2008 by jason

Patches of turquoise
pierce the silver morning sky
before the rains come.