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And I’m back

Posted in Books and Literature, inturwebs, Television, video games on 14 February 2010 by jason

Ok…I FINALLY have the internet at home, so this blog should be active again.

In the last week, my neighbor situation kind of corrected itself in that the abusive guy and his abused girlfriend left under cover of night. Of course, their banging things around as they carried them down the stairs and out the door kept me up all night, but they won’t be bothering me again. Not the solution I had hoped for, but hey, at least the neighborhood has improved.

Also, the new landlord took over, so I actually have a landlord. So far she’s already had the parking lot plowed a few times, though, ironically, the plow company she is using is owned by the old landlord.

Other than that, the snowpocalypse has been pretty boring. I’ve read some stuff (I just started on William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, and I’m getting ready to start on David Wong’s John Dies at the End, I’ve watched some stuff (I just finished Extras with Ricky Gervais), and I’ve played some stuff (I’m almost through with Neverwinter Nights, and Fallout 3 is the bomb.)

So there you go. I should be on more often now. I know you are all thrilled. ๐Ÿ˜›


Christmas Goodies!

Posted in Books and Literature, Food, Holidays, Kucinich, Movies, otter, video games on 27 December 2008 by jason

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I know I did. On Christmas Eve, I went to my grandparents’ house. I really only see them during the holidays, even though they don’t live too far away. That’s just how we roll in the Nova posse. My brother and his girlfriend were there, as were my parents and my Uncle Mike. It was nice getting everyone together, but I try not to be overly sentimental about family, so I’ll stop there. ๐Ÿ˜›

On Christmas day, the otter and I had our traditional dinner at the Waffle House, a tradition that started last year when I had the flu and didn’t want to spread it to her family. We exchanged gifts and had great breakfasty-type-food, served to us by a waitress who looked EXACTLY like Punky Brewster.

I know that discussing Christmas presents goes against better judgment, especially after my apartment was broken into this summer, but I’m going to do it. Damn the fates, I say. I’ll only discuss a few gifts here, so if you got me something, and I didn’t mention it, either there was a good reason for it that you already understand, or it is something that I wouldn’t want the interwebs community to read about. Ooooooohhhhhh….secrets!

Anyway, I got lots of giftcards, which will be quickly used on stuff I need. Like more CDs. My brother and his girlfriend got me a gift card towards songs on the Rock Band video game, so that when I visit them, we can rock out with our…never mind.

The otter got me a lot of stuff, but the stuff of interest to the interwebs are the Heroes season one box set, and the book The Courage to Survive by Dennis Kucinich. I also got a new coat, which is keeping my incredibly warm in cold is it…60 DEGREE WEATHER!?! What the hell happened to December? It feels like Spring out there! I also got some new clothes, which I needed desperately!

The otter’s sister got me an awesome DVD of a half-hour long Rube Goldberg device, called The Way Things Go. Jayson, this is the same one we saw at the Akron Museum of Art.

There were other cool gifts, too, as well as money. I’ve spent some of the money on the book The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss Jr., as recommended by the otter’s friend, Zach.

Besides visiting relatives and getting gifts, I watched Elf on Christmas day, and have spent a lot of time playing Gladius and Jade Empire on the XBox. Good times.

So, how was your holiday?

Last Day

Posted in Education, Food, Holidays, video games, Writing on 12 December 2008 by jason

Well, today’s the last day of work before the semester is over. That means I get a month off from dealing with thesis statements, APA format, and, unfortunately, affording food. I tried (not as hard as I could) to get a job for the winter break, and I put an ad on Craigslist offering my skills as a tutor, but to no avail.

I can’t say I’m freaking out, though. I did manage to save a tiny bit of money, and the way my checks will fall, I will be able to pay my rent. I guess I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors, playing Gladius and losing weight. (And hopefully, writing.)

Welcome to the United Socialist States of Jaynova, Comrades!

Posted in inturwebs, Politics, video games on 21 September 2008 by jason

I know, I know…it seems like every month I abandon whatever on-line game I’m playing and pick up another one. Right now, I’m playing Nation States. You get to create your own country, put its laws into effect, and participate in a mock UN (called the World Assembly). It’s free and browser-based, and it only takes about a minute a day to play…unless you get involved in the forums and the wiki. Which I have.

On the forums, I play in character as Jerzy “Jay” Novakovich, the president of The United Socialist States of jaynova. This is taking some time as I argue against (or agree with) other rulers and ambassadors.

The other time-waster is the wiki. Here’s the entry I’ve written. It’s a lot of fun, but it has pulled me away from this blog.

Anyway, if you sign up for the game, let me know which country you run!

On-Line gaming…

Posted in Politics, video games on 10 August 2008 by jason

I’m going to return to the usual haiku and review sort of stuff I do on this blog tomorrow (I’m giving my brain a break after that last week!), but I wanted to tell everyone that I’m playing Nation States. It’s fun, and it’s slllooooowwwwww (You get to make 1 or 2 decisions a day). Anyway, do you think you can lead a country? Give it a shot! Look me up! I’m the president of The United Socialist States of Jaynova!

Zombie Game: Urban Dead!

Posted in inturwebs, video games, Zombies! on 2 August 2008 by jason

I’ve been playing this since 2005, but here’s a fun, free, browser-based multi-player game of urban survival against the zombie hordes! Go to Urban Dead, and sign up for a free account. Then, look for either Joe Milton, who’s hiding out in Penny Heights, or look for Pvt novak, who’s in West Greyside, trying to contact his superiors to receive orders.

(I also have a character who’s a zombie, but you won’t find him…he’ll find you.)

Break in at chez nova

Posted in inturwebs, video games, Writing on 24 June 2008 by jason

I got home last night to find my back door wide open, one of my cats missing, and a buch of my shit taken. The cat came back, which is the only thing preventing me from going all vigilante-death wish on some motherfuckers right now.

They did get my laptop. And all my discs with my writing from the last 2 or 3 years. So right now, as a writer, I’m completely demoralized and considering an occupation where the theft of something the size of my pinky can’t ruin my life (That’s my flash drive, not my laptop.).

They also got my XBox. You know…that super top secret XBox I talked about on my birthday. GONE. And my DVD player. So, even though they left my TV and most of my DVDs, I can’t watch anything.

They got my digital camera. So no more YouTube posts.

They also got some DVDs from the library. And some games I borrowed off my friend Rob. And a game and controler I borrowed off my friend Tom. So, you know, not only did I lose shit, but now I owe people money that I don’t have. This means that, because of these motherfucking bastards, I have to get a second job.

Besides shit that they took, they also ransacked my entire place, probably looking for drugs.

The end result: I owe people money, my hand hurts (maybe broken…I can’t afford to go to the hospital to find out) from putting it through a wall when I found out my laptop and discs were gone, and since it’s obvious that my neighborhood is becoming a high crime area (my car stereo was stolen last week, and there was another break in a few days ago), I’ve got to find a new place.

Seriously, can someone check to see if I have a sign on my back?